6 Negative Attitudes That Affect Success In Women

Think positive and you will earn success, a popular saying tell us. In finding women, men need to have a positive thought always to achieve victory. Sadly, today a number of men fail to get the women they desire as a result of their lack of effort in wooing these women. Their lack of effort could be attributed to the negative thoughts that they instill in their minds which result in failure in the long run. Here are six negative attitudes men need to avoid to find success with women.

6 Negative Attitudes That Affect Success In Women


A number of men today are too lazy to get out of their way to find women. To hide their lazy attitude, they would just explain that they are still waiting for the women who will love on who they are. Well, for me the line is so cliche, the truth is they are just too lazy to exert efforts to find women. To get the women of our dreams, men need to exert efforts in finding ways that appeals women to men. He should do his homework to impress his prospect and not just hide with the cliche that he is waiting for the woman who will love him 100 percent.

Lack of faith

Some men are afraid of being turned down by women that they end up just sitting around waiting for a woman to come to them. Instead of doing the hard work in finding women, men would just seats around and wait till love will find them.

Men need to remember that they need to exert efforts if they want to get success especially in finding women. In finding women, men should also have a positive attitude to get positive results. Men should get out of his comfort zone and go to places frequented by women to find love.

Lack of self confidence

One of the main reasons why a number of men poorly fails to succeed in dating is their lack of self confidence. Many single men strongly think themselves as ugly that women will not like. If you lack self confidence time to forego such negative attitude and face the real world with a strong self confidence. Always have a positive attitude that you can find a woman to love. Instill in your mind that women are not only attracted on the looks of a person but on his over-all personalities. You might not have the looks but your personality and talent might carry you to success, so always keep your chin up.

Nervousness and anxiety

Two character traits that hinder men from getting success in finding women is their being nervous and anxious.

Due to their nervousness and anxiety, men end up blank in their conversation with women which leave a bad impression on their dates. I suggest that men need to calm down during a date with women to have good conversation with her. Men should also practice the art of storytelling since most women love men who can tell them stories during their dates. A person who have many stories to tell can certainly leave good impressions to women.

Lack of knowledge on love

Many men end up a failure in finding women, since they lack the proper knowledge on love. Some men have a misconception that only selected men who have the skills and looks to get the women they want. Well, such an idea is not true, like any skill finding women successfully is a process that can be learned and practiced. The first thing is to get information on how to attract women and when you get ideas on the matter practice it religiously and later apply it in life. Just have a positive outlook on the saying “Practice makes perfect”.

Procrastinate character

One of the common pitfalls of men in finding success with women is their procrastinate character. Instead of initiating immediate effort to go on dates with women, some men put on hold their finest effort until they would eventually lose their interest in doing it. Allowing time to pass before men starts pursuing women will mostly end up in failures for him. Men must remember that time is of a great essence if you want to find success in dates. Do not allow negative thoughts to overcome your drive to get a woman since doing so will be disaster for you. To overcome your procrastinate character, make an action plan that you will suffice to get the love and trust of the woman you are pursuing.


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