What to Avoid This Winter?

I am a fashion person and fashion is not only about clothes- it’s about all kinds of change.

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What to Avoid This Winter
What to Avoid This Winter – Design: Canva

Weather, season and fashion all three holds one thing in common, and that is the changeability. With weather changing its temperaments, fashion too is always affected. I am sure that your thoughts too are attuned with that of Karl Lagerfeld. With all the changes that come in the environment and the time, the style statements of people to get modified.

Like the time back in a decade ago, we used to wear more of cardigans in winters which today are altered with different style of jackets. Of course, there are many fashion items that should not be missing in our wardrobe, we cannot ignore this.

In today’s time, when everything is done in great details and precisely, fashion too has to be changed and adopted with decisiveness. Fashion is one thing that defines one’s personality, so whatever we do with our style statement, it is just imperative and will never fail to have a ripple effect. Keeping this important aspect in mind, you must style your winters this year. While doing this, there are many things that you should avoid while many things should be included in your wardrobe and in your style statement. The list of what to avoid this winter is just below. Scroll down and find it.

Don’t be too Showy

Revealing your skin too much in winter is always a bad idea. This is for many reasons. To state a few, you will be exposed to the external environment which is already chilled, your body temperature and your health might not be able to take it. Apart from this, the other reason that should be considered is that, every season has its beauty and so does has the cloths of it. So for winters, choose to cover up yourself and looks charming in those baggy clothes.

Avoid the Loose Pants

Loose pants are one thing that has just become a style statement of the time. But you should not choose them this winter. Yes, not wearing it is what you read just now. You should avoid loose pants because they will not protect and save you from the chills of the environment.

The coldness of winters needs much more than the trousers. You must choose things that are skinny and provide you warmth. Mentioning this, I should not omit saying that trousers too can do well in winters provided you wear it in the winter time when it’s not too cold. So for the beginning and end of winters you can keep for loose pants while the freeze should be accompanied with the skinny stuff.

The Short Kurtis

There are a number of kurtis that we Indians wear. This list includes formal kurtis, long cotton kurtis, short kurtis and many more. So amongst the many, you should avoid choosing the shorter kurtis or the ones that make you expose to the breeze. Over the short kurtis you should choose the long kurtis and woolen kurtis. Buy kurtis online and make your winters stylish and ravishing.

Cottony Stuff

his winter you must avoid wearing cotton stuff. Cotton is one fabric that absorbs the moisture and winter is a time when your body more of moisture in order to stray from the dryness. So this season, you must avoid cotton and rather take up any material, say woolen or synthetic stuff. These will give you enough warmth and keep all the moisture that you need in the winters. Also, this will keep your skin healthy and safe.

The Thicky Socks

We all make efforts to cover up ourselves in the winter and get the warmth from our bodies itself. But when you put on too many socks around your feet, it will just kill the purpose. One thick layer of socks or two thin layers of socks is just enough to provide you the desired warmth. If you will cover up too much, that will lead to coldness in a long run. So the better idea is to cover up only to that extent to which it is required and you will be able to feel the coziness in these chilling winters.

Not Covering up the Head

I have been talking about the warmth and the coziness all through this blog. But essentially that is what is important while you garb stuff that makes you look fashionable. So another add up to this is the headwear. You must avoid not covering up the head. Your head is one part of your body that can affect your entire body, whether negatively or positively. So take this time out and cover up head with some stylish and trendy caps. With this you will look ever stylish and will be able to make your own style statement.

So these are the things that you should avoid in winters. Avoiding all this will surely be beneficial for you all. The other thing that you can add into your winter wardrobe is the trendy kurtis which you should wear with some astonish jackets. Getting both of them is like a piece of cake today. You just need to find out a good online shopping store. Stay healthy and happy!

Fashion changes with time and that with weather and the climate. So upcoming is the winter & there are certain things that you must avoid this winter. Here they go.

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