The 7 Best Magazines to Follow Fashion

Magazines have long been a valuable source for staying updated with the ever-evolving world of fashion. In this blogpost, we’ll explore the seven best magazines that should be on every fashion-savvy individual’s radar.

The 7 Best Magazines to Follow Fashion
The 7 Best Magazines to Follow Fashion


Vogue is often referred to as the “fashion bible” and is renowned worldwide for its influence on the fashion industry. Founded in the United States in 1892 by Arthur Turnure, it initially catered to the elite socialite readership. However, it was under the leadership of editor-in-chief Anna Wintour that Vogue transformed into a global fashion powerhouse.

Vogue features high-end fashion photography, in-depth interviews with designers, and coverage of the latest trends. With numerous international editions, it remains a go-to source for fashion enthusiasts, showcasing not only clothing but also culture, beauty and lifestyle.

Vogue is a global magazine with editions in over 20 countries. It is targeted at a sophisticated audience of women who are interested in the latest fashion trends.


Elle, founded in 1945 in France, is celebrated for its approachable and contemporary fashion coverage. Originally known as Elle: The New French Style, the magazine expanded rapidly and launched international editions.

Elle emphasizes a blend of high fashion and real-life style, making it accessible to a broad readership. The magazine covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and culture, making it a comprehensive resource for those seeking fashion inspiration worldwide.

Elle is a global magazine with editions in over 50 countries. It is targeted at a modern and fashion-forward audience of women.

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar has a storied history dating back to 1867 when it was founded in New York City by Mary Louise Booth. It played a pivotal role in introducing groundbreaking fashion photography and is known for featuring legendary fashion photographers like Richard Avedon and Man Ray.

Throughout its history, Harper’s Bazaar has been at the forefront of fashion journalism, showcasing high fashion and couture. The magazine has continuously evolved while maintaining its reputation as a prestigious fashion publication.

Harper’s Bazaar is a global magazine with editions in over 20 countries. It is targeted at a sophisticated and fashion-conscious audience of women.


InStyle is a relatively newer addition to the fashion magazine landscape, founded in 1994. It focuses on delivering modern and relatable fashion content to its readers. InStyle aims to make high fashion accessible and offers practical style advice.

The magazine also covers beauty, celebrity interviews, and lifestyle topics, making it a well-rounded resource for those interested in the latest fashion trends and how to incorporate them into their everyday lives.

InStyle is a global magazine with editions in over 20 countries. It is targeted at a fashion-conscious audience of women.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire was founded in France in 1937 by Jean Prouvost and Marcelle Auclair. It quickly became known for its blend of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and insightful journalism. The magazine expanded internationally, reaching readers in more than 30 countries.

Marie Claire is celebrated for its commitment to promoting women’s empowerment and addressing important social issues alongside fashion coverage. It often features in-depth interviews with influential figures and showcases emerging designers. With a global presence, it continues to inspire and inform fashion-conscious readers worldwide.

Marie Claire is a global magazine with editions in over 30 countries. It is targeted at a modern and confident audience of women.


Cosmopolitan, often referred to as “Cosmo” was founded in the United States in 1886. While it initially focused on literary content, it evolved into a lifestyle magazine for women, covering relationships, fashion, beauty, health, and more.

Cosmopolitan is famous for its candid and often bold approach to topics related to women’s lives. It offers fashion and beauty advice tailored to a diverse readership. The magazine’s global editions have made it one of the most widely read and recognized women’s magazines in the world.

Cosmopolitan is a global magazine with editions in over 60 countries. It is targeted at a young and stylish audience of women.


W magazine was first published in 1972, with its name reflecting its aspiration to be a “double you” or “we” magazine. It quickly gained a reputation for its artistic and avant-garde approach to fashion photography and storytelling.

W showcases high fashion and luxury brands while pushing boundaries with its creative and often surreal fashion spreads. It’s a go-to publication for those looking for fashion as a form of artistic expression. W has consistently been a source of inspiration for photographers, designers, and fashion enthusiasts with an artistic flair.

W is a global magazine with editions in over 10 countries. It is targeted at a fashion-forward and trend-setting audience of women.


In a world where fashion serves as an intricate form of self-expression, these seven publications stand as paramount authorities, deftly illuminating the path between the runway and your personal wardrobe. By embracing these titles, you shall be equipped to traverse the ever-evolving landscape of fashion with a poise and panache that is nothing short of remarkable.

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