Casual Office Outfit Ideas

If you’re getting dressed for work it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get all pampered up, pulling off an elegant attire from head to toe. There are a lot of office appropriate outfits that you can piece together without being too stylish. Therefore, if you want to find out some great casual office outfit ideas, read the following lines.

Casual Office Outfit Ideas

Slouchy pants with a tucked-in shirt

If you feel comfortable wearing slouchy pants, you can wear them at the office too. Just wear a shirt that you tuck in the pants, and cuff the slouchy pants at the hem. If you add a large belt to the attire, you will give it a manly effect. To balance the attire, add feminine accessories like your favorite jewelry and a fancy bag. When it comes to footwear, don’t complicate yourself with heels. A pair of flat shoes will go just great with the attire that you have created.

White blazer and blue jeans

The combination between blue jeans and a white blazer is the most classic casual office outfit that you can pull off. This outfit will give you an interesting look, and you will feel comfortable while wearing it as well. Complete the attire with a colored shoulder bag, a pair of white high heels, and a comfortable white shirt. Also, you can accessorize with an oversized bracelet and a long necklace.

T-shirt and pencil dress

All women have a pencil dress in their wardrobe, this dress being ideal to wear at the office. The best part is that you can use your favorite pencil dress to put together a casual office outfit as well. Just wear a t-shirt that you tuck in the dress, a pair of comfortable heels, and you’re ready to go to the office. To pull this outfit off perfectly, avoid accessories. A shoulder bag will suffice.

Leather jacket and boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are definitely the best fashion choice this year. They are comfortable to wear, and they give you a cool laid back look. To piece together the perfect casual office outfit using boyfriend jeans, pair them with a white shirt and a leather jacket. Leave the accessories aside, and just go with an oversized bag. When it comes to footwear, a pair of snickers is the perfect addition to complete this attire.

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