Buying Spectacles Online? Some Advice Before You Buy

Spectacles have become a need for people all around. Today, in the world, 75% of people are prescribed to wear spectacles. That implies that 3 out of four people need prescription glasses today. With this high need, it also drives the need to buy spectacles from various sources. You can either get your spectacles in the traditional way or you can buy eye-wear online. Both the ways has its pros and cons. If you buy spectacles through the traditional way, then you don’t need to be particular about all other details rather have to roam around a lot and then get the desired one.

Factors to consider before buying spectacles online:

  • Keep your prescription up-to-date and ensure accurate measurements.
  • Determine the type of glasses you need (sunglasses, reading glasses, distance, etc.).
  • Choose a frame that suits your face shape and check frame measurements.
  • elect lens material according to your needs (UV protection, anti-reflective coating, etc.).
  • Choose a reliable online retailer and review their return policies.
Buying Spectacles Online? Some Advice Before You Buy

Get Some Spectacle Advice.

Most of the people in world today have weak eye & need spectacle advice. Buying of eyeglasses online has to be done smartly. We are giving you a perfect spectacle advice before you buy spectacles.
Wherein, when you buy spectacles online, you need to know the all details of your prescription glasses and then choose the one that suits you the best. When you shop online there are various pros that will incline you to choose online way of shopping. Your shopping experience will be hassle free with a huge number of options available for you. All you need when you buy spectacles online is some good advice. So I have taken this opportunity out and I’d like to tell that how should buy eyeglasses online. Here it goes:

Understand your Face Shape and the Frame: All of us have different face shapes. Some might have a round face shape while others have triangular and the heart face shape. Each face shape has different kinds of frames that suit it. Like if you are a person of round face shape, then you need to wear a spectacle that is thin and makes your face look fuller. So the foremost is to understand your face shape and the frame that suits to you most.

Which lens materials and coatings address different needs?

Lens Material/CoatingWhat Needs They Address
Polycarbonate LensImpact-resistant, lightweight.
Trivex LensUltra-lightweight, clear vision, impact-resistant.
CR-39 LensOptical clarity, cost-effective.
Anti-Reflective CoatingReduces reflections, improves night vision.
UV Protection CoatingFilters UV rays, protects eyes.
Blue Light FiltrationFilters blue light, reduces digital eye strain.
Table listing different lens materials and coatings and the needs they meet

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The Frame Size: Once you have understood your face shape and the frame that suits it the most, the next is the size of the frame. Frames come in different styles and sizes. You must pick the one that complements you. For example, you have understood that cat eye frame will enhance your beauty and persona, now you should choose the size of the frame. Like whether a bigger cat eye frame will look good on you or it’s a better option to stay with a small frame. So pick the best frame size for yourselves.
Try Virtually: Today, almost all online eye-wear website offers a service wherein you can try different frame for your face. Once you have chosen the frame and the frame size you must make the selection between the color, material, and all other requisite details. Try on the different frames virtually. This will give a fair idea of what you want and what you should buy. Also, doing this, will give you a plenty of alternatives among which you can a make choice. Hence, you the option of trying the frame is also available for you online and in the end you will be confident about your choice.
The Prescription: As of now, you have understood everything about the frame and how do you pick the best frame. Now comes the eyeglasses details. For this you must know what has been recommended to you, is it single-vision or multi-focal lenses?

Specs With Single Vision Lenses.

Single-vision lenses are recommended to people who have either farsightedness or nearsightedness. These lenses are not for those who have both the complexity together, while multi-focal lenses are the once that are recommended to people who have multiple seeing difficulty. There are various lenses for this, which includes bi-focal, tri-focal and progressive lenses. Know exactly which lens has been recommended to you. This will help you in picking the best lens.

The Lens Material: After knowing the lens type, it is also imperative to know the lens material type. There are basically three types of lens materials among which you can make a choice. These are plastic lenses, poly carbonate lenses and the high index 1.67 lenses.
Plastic Lenses: These are the most common and economic lenses, which ranges from no correction +/-1.75. These lenses are recommended to people with light prescription.
Polycarbonate Lenses: These are high-impact resistant lenses, which range up to +/- 4.00. These lenses are recommended for children, athletes and the persons whose work involves more of the activities.
High Index 1.67: These are the lightest and the thinnest lens material of all. These are recommended for people who have high prescription and to those who are responsive towards fashion and comfort.
Know the Coating: Each type of lens needs coating. There are varieties of coatings which can be added to any lens type. These are mentioned below.
UV Coating: UV coating is the one that will protect from the harmful UV rays of the sun. This coating can be put on any type of lens. But I would suggest you to first recommend to the coating that your doctor has recommended.
AR Coating: AR coating helps in improving the clarity of the vision and less stress on the eye. This is for the people who spend much time on the compute or have any other work which requires much focus.
Pupillary Distance (PD): Pupillary distance is the distance (in mm) between the pupils of any person. It is important to know the PD because this will make sure that the center of your corrective lenses is placed directly in front of your pupils. You can know your PD when your doctor measures it. So get it from your doctor when you visit him.
Prescription Details: When you enter your prescription details online, you must know and fill up all these.
OD: Stands for “oculus dexter,” which is your right eye.
OS: Stands for “oculus sinister,” which is your left eye.
DV: Stands for “distance vision.” Used when multi-focal lenses are prescribed.
NV: Stands for “near vision” (sometimes referred to as “add”). Used when multi-focal lenses are prescribed.

  • What are the advantages of buying spectacles online?

    What are the advantages of buying spectacles online

    The advantages of buying spectacles online include a wider selection, competitive prices, the option to try glasses at home and convenient return processes.

  • What should I be cautious about when buying spectacles online?

    What should I be cautious about when buying spectacles online

    When buying spectacles online, you should ensure that your prescription is accurate, choose a reliable retailer, pay attention to frame measurements and lens materials, and review their return policies.

  • Is buying spectacles online safe?

    Is buying spectacles online safe

    Yes, buying spectacles online can be safe, provided you choose a reputable and well-known retailer and ensure that your prescription information is accurate and up-to-date.

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