9 Awesome Skincare Tips from Your Favorite Hot Celebs Made Easy and Doable

Do you want to look like your favorite stars? Here are 5 red-hot beauty secrets from totally gorgeous, super popular celebs, combined with our tried-&-tested home remedies that will have you looking superstar beautiful in no time.

Read on and be glamorous!

Gorgeous Celeb #1. Jennifer Aniston

Skincare Tip 1. – Celeb Beauty Secret – Vaseline for Your Eyes

If you can’t stop talking about how stunning Jennifer Aniston looks at her age, you’re not alone. All her fans want to know the secret to her flawless skin and hair.
Guess what she uses to tackle the ugly crow’s feet around her eyes?


And she even makes her own face mask using kitchen goodies like avocado and egg whites.
We have the exact recipes listed below so that you can look Jennifer Aniston good!

Skincare Tip 2. – Vaseline for Smooth Heels

Vaseline can not only fix chapped lips or remove eyelash glue, or work as a dewy makeup product on your eyelids, but it can also give you super soft feet. Just slather on some at night, wear a pair of soft socks and sleep it off.

Say hello to silky smooth feet in the morning.

Repeat till your heels are as flawless as a baby’s bottom.

Skincare Tip 3. – Anti-Ageing Avocado & Egg Mask

Nourish your skin cells with this hydrating beauty mask of avocado and egg whites.
Lift sagging skin and tighten your pores by applying a mix of one egg white with a tablespoon of avocado. Beat the two together till you get a thick paste. Gently apply in a circular motion after washing your face with warm water. Rinse off once dry and moisturise with olive oil for an extra layer of nourishment.

Gorgeous Celeb #2. Catherine Zeta Jones

Skincare Tip 4. – Celeb Beauty Secret – Argan Oil as Facial Moisturiser

Catherine Zeta Jones looks photo shopped good, with her dewy complexion and youthful glow.

What’s her secret, you ask?

Argan oil – the new miracle oil on the block, which has been gaining immense popularity of late, is also the go-to moisturiser of the Welsh actress. She literally drenches her face with it to ward off the effects of ageing.

Here are a few ways you can utilize the secret of the Moroccans to look movie star glamorous:

Skincare Tip 5. – Deep Conditioner for Silky Roots

Besides smelling good, argan oil is amazing as a deep conditioner for your hair. This exotic oil will give you lovely lush hair if you massage it into your hair at night and shower it off in the morning.

Welcome shampoo-ad-like hair!
Plus, you can also tame frizz and enhance your shine if you have thick or straight hair.

Gorgeous Celeb #3. – Halie Berry

Skincare Tip 6. – Coffee for Cellulite

This Oscar-winning actress glows like a twenty-something even in her fifties! Her luminous-skin secret?


This Bond babe uses coffee grinds to prevent cellulite from developing on her svelte form. Most of the cellulite creams in the market have caffeine in them in tiny dosages, so glam girl Halle Berry must have it right.

Here is a coffee scrub that will give you glowing skin and battle all the dead skin on your face and body:

Skincare Tip 7. – Coffee Coconut Face & Body Scrub

Banish cellulite and dead skin with this antioxidant-rich, skin-soothing coffee and coconut scrub.

Here’s how: Take 1 cup of coffee grinds and mix in 6 tbsp of melted organic coconut oil and 3 tbsp of sea salt or sugar – whatever is handy. Mix in a jar and brush away those nasty dimples with a dry brush for a deeply rejuvenated skin; then apply the scrub before you shower. Massage well and rinse it off.

Gorgeous Celeb #4. – Julia Roberts

Skincare Tip 8. – Olive Oil for Conditioned Hair

Julia Roberts has fabulous hair. They’re full of liveliness and have a bounce that is envy-worthy.

What’s her beauty tip?

Olive oil.

The lovely Pretty Woman star uses olive oil to condition and massage her hair. She is definitely on the right track as olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and reduces stretch marks, cures eczema and psoriasis; not to mention, this age-old beauty oil slows ageing, heals sunburn and moisturizes your skin, nails and cuticles like nothing else!

Skincare Tip 9. – Natural Shaving Cream for Silky Smooth Legs

Cleopatra loved olive oil and with good reason. If applied liberally on your legs before shaving, it acts as a natural lubricant and prevents razor burn and red bumps, which are common shaving-associated skin issues.

Plus, once you’re done you’ve got super soft legs that no shaving cream can give you!


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