The Best Acne Remedy Is Often the Simplest One

When you look at yourself in the mirror and feel disappointed at the acne you see, you may feel that you would do anything to get a clear complexion. In truth, you may already be doing too much.

The many different methods and products you are using may be heading you in the opposite direction of your acne cure.

The Best Acne Remedy Is Often the Simplest One

The theory that the simplest answer is normally the best one is true for many things, including the health of your skin. The more complex your solution and the more you try different techniques, the less you are likely to achieve the results you desire.

Your skin heals from the inside to the outer layers and complicated techniques do not give it adequate time to adjust and regenerate. When it comes to acne, many times the simplest solution is the correct one.

Excellent Solutions in Your Own Kitchen

It may surprise you, but some of the best natural remedies for acne are probably sitting in your kitchen already. Better yet, they can be found in your regular grocery store instead of an expensive health food store.

It really does not get any simpler than convenient, budget friendly, and acne fighting solutions.

You should already know that fresh fruits and vegetables are a vital staple. The best fruits and vegetables can nourish your body and keep you healthy on the inside. These amazing foods can also keep your skin acne free when you use them on the outside.

Garlic has been used for centuries for its healing properties. Garlic is a strong antiseptic. It will kill all of the infection and other germs within your acne. This will make it easier for you to gently wash away the rest of the material which is clogging your pores and causing your acne.

Garlic is also a great natural remedy for acne because it is an antioxidant and will promote skin cell regeneration. This will help your skin heal faster and reduce scarring.

Mint leaves and mint extract have a similar role as a acne remedy. In addition to treating wounds and other infections, the “cooling” sensation of mint will greatly reduce acne inflammation.

Mint’s antibiotic properties will relieve the infection while the skin heals. Mint leaves work very well pressed to the affected skin after cleaning.

In very severe cases, you may want to apply lemon juice to the acne wounds. Lemon juice is a very potent remedy for acne because of its acidic properties. It will destroy any infection and break down any residue within pores.

Furthermore, lemon juice seems to have an amazing ability to draw out the infection from deep within your skin, making it easier to get rid of.

Daily Skin Care- The Simple Way

One of the best ways to stay acne free is to have a good daily skin care regiment. Prevention is always a better technique than reaction.

While it will take a dedicated anti-acne program to cure your acne, maintaining healthy skin will help you prevent and reduce the severity of a substantial percentage of your severe acne outbreaks.

The most essential part of your skin care regiment should be cleansing. It is only during cleansing that you are able to remove the dirt, oil, germs, and other residue that clogs your pores and achieve a natural acne remedy.

Skin that is not cleansed properly will be prone to more severe and uncontrollable breakouts.

You should cleanse your skin frequently throughout the day. It is simple to do, but is often one of the most overlooked remedies for acne. All day long, your skin is exposed to the elements, pollution, and sweat.

Meanwhile, you are generating oil. You already know when these elements combine the result is acne. It does not make sense to only clean your skin in the morning and evening.

Washing about 4 to 5 times per day is the best way to keep your skin fresh and residue free. If you wear makeup or sweat often during the day, you will have to wash more frequently.

While it can be a bit inconvenient to wash during the day, the results will far outweigh the negatives. It should be relatively easy to bring a travel size cleanser with you as you go about your daily activities.
Keep in mind, if you are washing your skin that frequently you do not need a harsh soap. If you are using a very strong detergent or if you are using a cleanser with commercial acne medication your skin will not be able to tolerate repeated cleansing. The outer layers of the skin will become too dry and damaged.

Interestingly, this will lead to more acne despite the anti-acne elements of the soap. The damaged skin will begin to flake, increasing the amount of dead skin cells that can clog your pores. Your skin will react to this damage by producing more oil, compounding the problem.

Instead of a harsh soap, you should try something gentler. Do not choose a cleanser that is designed to only target acne. Instead, try a gentler alternative that will simply remove excess oil and dirt without over drying your skin.

Choosing one of the safer, natural acne remedies to cleanse your skin will give you far superior results than any harsh soap.

A Simple Cure

What can be simpler than curing your acne versus constantly treating it? A constant battle with acne will only increase your stress and desperation, leading to more acne. It is best to stop reacting to your acne and find a way to permanently stop the problem.

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