Ten Exfoliating Tips

Many exfoliate their faces which is good; however, if you want beautiful skin all over your body, you might want to exfoliate from your feet up. Here are some tips you should keep in mind.

Ten Exfoliating Tips
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  1. It is best to wet the area first before you start scrubbing. This is probably the reason why the best time to exfoliate your body is while you are taking a bath.

Wetting the area can help loosen the skin making it easier to exfoliate. When the skin is loosened you don’t need a lot of friction in order to remove the dead skin cells.

  1. Use only the recommended scrubbing or exfoliating sponge or gloves. Using your hands when exfoliating can also work but the results won’t be as impressive as when you are using exfoliating sponges or gloves. These are made especially for exfoliating so these are designed to remove as much dead skin cells as these can.
  2. When exfoliating, use circular strokes or motions. Doing this will help you cover more surface area as compared to using the upward and downward strokes. In addition, it will keep you from going back to one area more often than you should.

Remember that too much friction on a particular area can result to minute abrasions. You must not forget that exfoliators, especially mechanical ones, contain grits that help dislodge the skin.

  1. On areas of the body that tend to have thinner layers of skin like the neck and thigh make sure that you don’t use too much friction. Go gentle on these parts.
  2. Do not use the exfoliating products for your body when exfoliating your face. The facial skin tissue is not like the rest of the body so it is better that you use exfoliating products made especially for the face. Exfoliating products used on the body tend to be more abrasive which can result to abrasions when used on the face.
  3. Do not forget to moisturize after exfoliating. The process of exfoliation tends to dry your skin and we all know that dry skin can cause premature wrinkles. So to prevent that from happening and in order for you to have soft and smooth skin, always moisturize after exfoliating.
  4. If you have sensitive skin, avoid too much friction and use exfoliators that are least abrasive. Sensitive skin can get irritated easily. Too much friction and abrasive materials can cause some damage so you might end up with an irritated skin rather than soft, smooth skin.
  5. If you want to keep your skin soft and smooth, it is recommended that you exfoliate every two weeks. However you can always exfoliate once a month if you find exfoliating every two weeks too much.
  6. When you have sunburned skin or open wounds do not attempt to exfoliate. The chemical content of some exfoliators as well as the grits can irritate the already sunburned skin as well as the open wounds.
  7. Do not forget your knees and elbows. If you want these areas to look nice, it is advisable that you exfoliate twice a week. We all know that the skin in these areas tend to be thicker so you might want to use more friction and grits but not too much to cause some damage like micro abrasions.
  • Which type of exfoliating products is suitable for different skin types?

    Products with moisturizing ingredients are suitable for dry skin, while sensitive skin benefits from gentler products.

  • How often should I exfoliate my skin?

    The frequency of exfoliation depends on your skin type but is generally done once a week or as needed.

  • What brushes or tools can be used for skin exfoliation?

    For skin exfoliation, you can use face or hand brushes, electric skin cleansing brushes and exfoliating gloves.

  • How should I moisturize my skin after exfoliation?

    After exfoliation, moisturize your skin with an appropriate moisturizer.

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