Making the Best Acne Treatments A Part of Your Skin Care Routine

It is not enough to treat your acne only when it becomes severe enough to really bother you. The longer you wait to treat acne, the harder it will be to get rid of and the more likely there will be a scar left behind.

Furthermore, you will always be aware of the acne even when it is not a severe outbreak and this will take a toll on your self esteem.

Making the Best Acne Treatments A Part of Your Skin Care Routine

Instead of reacting to your acne, it is a better option to develop a daily skin care routine that will keep your skin healthy. It will help your skin resist severe acne and make breakouts easier to heal.

To make your treatment options even more effective, make sure you are using the best options available.

Three of the Best and Easiest Acne Treatments

Exfoliation is an extremely important component to any daily skin care routine. It serves several purposes. It helps strip the foreign material out of clogged pores, preventing future outbreaks and reducing current problems.

Also, it strips away the outer, dead skin cells that would typically accumulate and clog pores.

An exfoliant does not have to be pricey or complicated. In fact, it can be a homemade, natural option that is combined with your cleanser. Sterilized, finely ground eggshells mixed into a cleanser are a fantastic exfoliant.

The grit from organic corn meal can also be used to exfoliate the skin, but will need to be rinsed away afterwards.

One of the best natural acne treatment options is also a very simple one. Salt water, especially made from natural sea salt, is often used for a variety of infection based ailments.

Salt water soaks are used to draw out infection and cleanse wounds. For centuries, salt water was the primary method used to treat even the worst cases of infection because it would reduce swelling while removing bacteria.

To get the most benefits, it is best to use a salt water soak. Make a highly concentrated solution of sea salt and hot water, and then let the mixture cool until it is tolerably warm. If possible, soak the affected skin directly in the salt water for at least 15 minutes.

If soaking is not an option, thoroughly soak a washcloth in the salt water and then use it as a compress. You will probably have to dip the cloth several times throughout the 15 minutes to achieve a thorough soaking affect.
In the evening, after the exfoliation and salt water soak are complete there is one more thing left to do to wrap up your skin care day. A skin mask will help you treat your acne all night long, even while you sleep.

In fact, when you wake up in the morning you should see a distinct improvement in your acne.

Masks can be made from any number of items. Herbs like sandalwood and neem are also used to form a paste-like mask. Spices like nutmeg and ground sesame seed are also effective.

For very severe outbreaks, you may even choose to use the zest of a citrus fruit. You can even include sea salt in the mask, to further enhance its healing.

The ingredients you choose may vary, depending on your skin type and personal preferences. Just make sure that the mask will dry and can be left on all night, to get the most benefits.

Protect Your Skin While You Fight Acne

Very often, even the best acne treatments can still be hard on the surrounding healthy skin while they focus on the affected skin. It is sometimes a necessary choice to get rid of severe outbreaks.

However, it is important that you still nurture your healthy skin because damaged skin is more susceptible to future breakouts and scarring.

A problem with many methods used to keep the surrounding skin healthy is that they may cause additional breakouts. Oil based moisturizers will clearly clog pores and agitate existing acne.

Some other conditioners may have the same affect or may not be safe to use around the open wound from the acne.

However, there are still plenty of solutions that will not aggravate your existing acne and keep your healthy skin supple. One option is to use aloe vera juice.

Aloe vera is often used to calm burns and other wounds. It’s soothing and antiseptic properties will actually help heal your acne. It is a great conditioner for people who suffer from dry or damaged skin and will likewise keep your normal skin healthy while you treat your acne.

Products made from beeswax are also good for keeping your skin conditioned while treating acne. Some of the top acne treatments incorporate beeswax as the medium to deliver the concentrated therapy.
Beeswax is a great conditioner, but will not clog pores. It is easily washed off with warm water, further promoting its anti-acne benefits.

Another option is to take vitamin B5 and zinc supplements. These vitamins and minerals are used to heal a variety of ailments. They strengthen the immune system and help the body resist harmful attacks.

They are perhaps most effective on the skin. They can strengthen all of your skin, healthy or broken out. It can make your skin highly resistive to acne in the first place and help it stay strong when you are treating acne.

The Best Treatment Is the Cure

While all of the advice above is an effective acne treatment, it is still a treatment and not a cure. As long as you are simply treating your acne, it will always be a lingering problem. These techniques you have learned are a great way to support your skin while you work toward your cure, but a cure is your ultimate answer.

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