How To Get Rid of Blackheads – 7 Easy Tips

The most effective ways in handling the extremely annoying skin problem – Blackheads. Just follow these 7 easy ways on how to get rid of blackheads in no time.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads - 7 Easy Tips

Tip #1: Sticky Nose Strip or Sticky Face Mask

Pros: Very easy and effective to use, the sticky nose strip or face mask will stick out all blackheads and dirty oily particles from your skin.

Cons: No lasting, blackheads will come back easily. Another draw back is the pore will get bigger and bigger if not handle correctly.

Tip #2: Applying Fine Sea Salt

After finish washing face, apply some fine sea salt in your palm with some water and slightly stir it, then apply on to your nose and chin with rubbing slowly and tenderly in a circular movement. Becareful not to apply too much water, else the salt will not stick to your skin.

Pros: Helps in removing blackheads and dead skins, making your skin feel smoother and looks brighter.

Cons: Will feel some pain, also cannot apply this method too frequent else the skin will get over dry easily.

Tip #3: Using Acne Needle or Blackheads Removal Stick

Pros: Very effective and clean up blackheads thoroughly

Cons: Well, really painful. Pores around the nose will look pinky red for a day or two. Only able to perform like once a month.

Tip #4: Applying Baby Oil with Massage Method (Suitable for Dry Skin)

Pros: Slowly apply baby oil and massage in circular movement, about half and hour, all blackheads will surface and just apply a tissue to slightly pressure and wipe them all out.

Cons: Too oily sometimes, a bit troublesome to clean up, also if use too frequently there is potential of getting all pores got stuck with oily particles.

Tip #5: Hot Cloth + Skin Moisture Cream + Face Cleaner

First cover your nose with the hot cloth to make a steam effect over the nose area, then rub, massage and press the nose tenderly, you will find the blackheads will come out easily, then use face cleaner to clean them all. After then apply some toner to shrink pores and apply skin moisture cream over it.

Pros: Thoroughly process to clean away all blackheads and help to shrink and moisturize the skin.

Cons: A bit time consuming.

Tip #6: Blackheads Removal Engines

Pros: Professional equipment provides speedy thorough effect in removing blackheads.

Cons: Sometimes the machine is not user friendly, will cause pores enlargement if overdone it.

Tip #7: Apply Egg Membrane or Egg White on to Blackheads

Either apply the egg membrane or egg white onto the blackheads, then smoothen and flatten it, use hair dryer to dry it to make it stick to the skin, then remove it after 10-15 minutes.

Pros: Simple and cost effective. Serve two purposes – blackheads removal and shrink pores.

Cons: Less effective.

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