Homemade Face or Facial Masks

There are a lot of home remedy in making face mask with tones of different ingredients. The below homemade face mask that you will going to see is using some really natural ingredients, no harmful elements, easy to get in our daily life, cost really litter and most importantly it is really efficient in beautify our skin.

Homemade Face or Facial Masks
Homemade Face or Facial Masks

Milk DIY Homemade Facial MaskMilk based DIY Facial Mask – Whitening Effect in Long Run

Just prepare a small cup of fresh milk (if it is during summer, you can use fresh milk that is store in refrigerator, which has better effect).

Use face steamer to steam the face for 5-10 minutes.

Dip the cotton cloth or clean facial mask into the milk and let it absorb some milk, then apply it over your face, let it dry on your face for like 15 minutes.

Use clean water to wash away the milk on your face.

Papaya based DIY Facial Mask – Reduce Freckles color tone, Skin Whitening

Use fresh papaya and make into mash and directly apply onto the your face for about 15 minutes.

Or cut the papaya into slices, and use to scrub softly over your face, it helps to remove died skins.

Chicken Egg White based Homemade Facial Mask – Moisturizing, Re-energizing Skin, Remove Blackheads and Whiteheads

Use a fresh egg, remove the egg yolk and retain the egg white, mix with a tablespoon of honey, stir thoroughly before use.

Apply before sleep, use a soft brush to apply the mask mixture onto the face, massage a bit as this help in blood circulation around the face, then make sure the mask mixture is all well cover around the face. Wait for 15 minutes, let it dry naturally. Then wash away with clean water. Do this twice per week to have beauty skin.

Grapes based Facial Mask – Vitamin E, Whitening, and Moisturizing Effects

Use either red or green grapes, remove the seeds, then use a juicer to juice into grape juice. Then use a compressed facial mask paper to absorb the grape juice and then apply the mask onto the face.

Don’t throw away the grape seeds, as you can ground the seeds and use together with facial cleanser to provide scrubbing effect to the skin.

Lemon based Homemade Face Mask – Extremely Good Skin Whitening Effect and Freckles Reduction


  1. 1 pc Lemon, make to juice
  2. 50 ml Water
  3. 3 tablespoon Flour

Method: Mix all ingredient together evenly into a paste. Apply bit by bit onto face, let it naturally dry for 30 minutes and wash away with water. Repeat this twice per week to gain skin whitening effect.

Almond based Homemade Facial Mask – Improve Complexion, Moisturizing and Repaired Damaged Skin


  1. 4 tablespoon of fresh finely ground Almond powder
  2. 2 tablespoon Coarse Sea Salt
  3. 1 tablespoon Honey

Method: Mix all ingredients evenly, use soft brush to apply the almond mask mixture onto face evenly. Let it dry naturally for 20-30 minutes and wash away.

Cucumber based Facial Mask – Rejuvenate, Whitening and Moisturizing.

  1. Half pc Cucumber
  2. 1 tablespoon Vitamin C powder
  3. Some Olive Oil

Method: Grind the cucumber into paste, mix with vitamin C powder and olive oil, stir evenly. Apply the paste onto face thoroughly, let it dry naturally for about 25 minutes and wash away.

Green Beans Powder based Homemade Face Mask – Curing Pimples Skin, and Reduce Inflammation, Beautify Skin, Rich Vitamin E

Mix green beans powder with pearl powder and honey together, stir evenly and apply onto face for about 20 minutes, then wash away. Extremely effective on reducing pimples inflammation and really good in whithening and rejuvenate your skin.

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