Dealing with Acne Concerns

In today’s fast-paced world, we all seek quick solutions to our problems, and the same applies to health and wellness concerns. Everyone has negative thoughts about a person who has acne. For that skin treatment is the only solution to get rid of acne. Countries like India, UK and Singapore are famous for skin treatment. In India, there are very good skin specialist in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, which are very affordable and having promising results.

Dealing with Acne Concerns
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The skin in our body has small holes called pores. These pores are available everywhere on our body which is associated with the oil organs that are available under the skin. These oil glands produce oil called sebum. The follicle act as a bridge between the glands and the skin that interfaces them two. These follicles are the reason why we have hair all through our body. Inside the follicle, the oil carries the dead cells that cause the hair to grow out of it. At the point when there is a disorder that makes the hair, sebum and skin cells to approach each other, or piled up and acne grows out of it. This disorder is caused by bacteria that makes the skin around that area to swell. It is called as acne or a pimple.

Usually, pimples grow on the face, neck, and shoulders. Even though acnes are not dangerous, they irritate us by leaving ugly looking scars on the visible parts of our body. Anyone, who is between 10-30 years can get an acne outbreak at any time.

There are different types and colors

Whiteheads: They appear white and will be just under the skin.
Blackheads: They are black in color and appear on the surface of the skin.
Papules: They are pink bumps.
Cysts: They are large and painful. When they erupt, puss will ooze out from them.

Reasons for acne eruption

According to the doctors, there are various reasons for an acne outbreak. If you wear a lot of oil makeup you will get acne. Hormonal imbalance may be one of the reasons for acne on your face. Sometimes, intake of particular medicines can cause acne to appear on your face. If your mother or father has acne, it may another strong reason that can be a cause of acne on your face.

Did your friend tell you that if you have a greasy skin or eat lots of oily food, you will get pimples you have on your face? No, not even chocolates are one of the reasons for your pimples. But, you should be careful not to touch or prick these blemishes, as it causes a deep scar on your body. Even pollution or stress can cause pimples.

Natural treatments for acne that can be applied at home

  • Green Tea: Has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Apple Vinegar: Cleans the skin and maintains pH balance.
  • Honey and Cinnamon Mask: Has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Why does acne occur?

    Acne occurs due to the blockage and inflammation of the skin’s oil glands. This condition is often seen during puberty as the skin tends to produce more oil during this period.

  • How can I reduce acne scars?

    There are many ways to reduce acne scars. Dermatological treatments, laser treatments, and chemical peels can reduce acne scars. Topical creams containing retinoids can be effective in reducing acne scars. It is important to consult a dermatologist before starting any treatment.

  • Can acne be associated with diet?

    Yes, some research has shown that acne can be associated with diet. Particularly, excessive consumption of sugary and processed foods can trigger the formation of acne.

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