How to Give Yourself a Manicure at Home

A manicure is simply a cosmetic beauty treatment for ones fingernails and hands at large. This kind of process is known to treat both hands and nails. Usually a standard manicure includes filing and most probably shaping of one’s nails and one’s application of polish. There are various types of manicure that include salon manicure, French manicure, and spa manicure. A manicure is known to improve on the texture and health of both the nails and the skin of one’s hands, in addition having them polished and perfection.

A standard manicure is known to clean-shape and dress a woman’s nails; see through any skin complications around the nail; utilize hand massage skills in order to stimulate the blood and lymph so as to improve on the health of a woman’s skin; utilize creams and waxes in order to exfoliate, cleanse and improve on the texture of a woman’s nails and the skin of her hands.

It is always reasonable to have in mind that the purpose of manicure includes

preventing a lady’s hands from hang nail formation; aids a woman’s hands to prevent nail deformations; the process of massage of a lady’s hands do improve on one’s blood circulation; does kill the wrinkling of the a lady’s skin on her hands that happens to be probably one of the first parts of a woman’s body to show signs of aging or what so ever.

In order to have a good manicure one needs to have the proper tools that include a bowl of warm water; nail clippers; cuticle knife; cuticle pusher and nail file.

While on the other hand the materials include cuticle remover, oil and cream; massage lotion; nail polish; nail polish remover; hand cream; towels; cotton balls; and hand towels.

There are a few steps involved in obtaining the right manicure that includes

Removing old nail polish; have your hands soaked for some few minutes; avoid using a seesaw motion when filing the nails; make use of a cuticle moisturizer; have your hands massaged; apply polish and finally have your manicure completed by adding a top coat of clear polish.

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