How to Do Pedicure at Home

A pedicure is basically a process through which you can improve the appearance of one’s feet and nails. At a wider view pedicure is the superficial cosmetic treatment of one’s feet and toenails. In general terms this process helps in preventing nail diseases and nail disorders. This process can further be utilized to treat dead skin cells on the bottom of feet. The basic leg care involves shaving followed by exfoliation, then application of moisturizing creams.

Out of all the body parts, the feet happen to be the most neglected of all. Although you can give them a good treat to avoid any possible disorders. Then you definitely need a pedicure, which will treat your feet, legs and toe nails. Following this reason, this article shall extensively give a guide on how to get you a pedicure. There are basic requirements that include: nail cutter; nail file; cuticle cutter; cuticle pusher; nailbrush; orange stick; pumice stone; foot scrapper ;two large containers; enamel remover; cotton wool; moisturizer; base coat and topcoat. The materials required include: acetone; shampoo; Luke warm water; antiseptic lotion; cream; foot powder and hydrogen peroxide.

Pedicure involves a few basic procedures that include:

  1. soaking your feet in warm water for a few minutes then have them patted to dryness.
  2. Eliminate any old enamel from the toenails with enamel remover.
  3. By the use of nail clippers file and cut your nails.
  4. By taking your tip orange stick and have some cuticle cream on after which you should massage into the cuticle in circular manner.
  5. Have your feet re-soaked for a few minutes.
  6. You are then required apply cuticle remover to the cuticles by the use of orange stick.
  7. After which you are suppose to wet your cuticle knife so as you can lift the cuticle.
  8. Have your feet re-soaked again and dried once again.
  9. make a good application of the moisturizer all over your feet and ankle.
  10. After which you are required to apply your base coat and give it time to dry.
  11. finally, by the use of orange stick and enamel remover eliminate all traces of enamel on your skin to have a nice appearance.

Once you have done these you are definitely on top of your pedicure process. Nevertheless, never forget to wash your feet regularly and always have them dried. So, it is as simple as you can imagine once you rare informed with the right info on pedicure.


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