Five Simple Tips In Caring For Your Nails

The hands are generally the most used part of our body. Along with it are the fingers and the nails. Now the nails they say reflect the over-all health of your body. Doctors sometimes use the nails to diagnose a certain disease. So it is only right that we treat these hard working parts the pampering it deserves. Read on to get simple nail care tips that you can do in your very own homes!

Five Simple Tips In Caring For Your Nails
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Here are five essential products that can be used in nail care:

  • Nail file
  • Moisturizing cream
  • Nail polish
  • Nail and cuticle oil
  • Nail brush


When cleaning your hand, use a mild soap with a nail brush. Before brushing, soak you hand in warm water to help remove cuticles around your nails. For cleaning dirt under the nails, use a moist cotton bud – it is gentler that way. After washing, gently push back cuticles that are already very visible. Don’t remove all of the cuticles entirely, those are there for a reason: to prevent bacteria from getting in. So remove only the flaking parts and you’re good to go!


After drying, trim and shape nails to the desired shape and length. Find a clean and sharp nail cutter (preferably, buy your very own). When cutting your nails, do not over trim! Cut only the parts that extend beyond your finger or toes. Try to shape it in an oval shape and cut off any sharp edges. The sharp edges may get tangled in clothes that could tear them apart.


After trimming, shape the nails with a nail file. This will ensure smoother edges and will give you greater control to shape the nails to your preference. Just try not to file them when wet because they are very fragile under those conditions and could break apart.


Nail polish can actually protect the nails and give you that needed color at the same time. Nail polish now comes in a variety of colors from natural to the most outrageous – all for you to choose. There are hundreds of nail polish that are available in the market if you are capable of coloring you own nails at home. For weak nails, it is advised to apply a base coat on before applying nail color.


Make it a habit to apply moisturizer after hand washing and before going to sleep. Not only will it keep the palms soft, it will also moisturize the cuticles around your skin. This will prevent cuticles from drying up and cracking.

  • How can I encourage natural nail growth?

    Encouraging natural nail growth involves maintaining a healthy diet, using nail and cuticle oil, and taking good care of your nails.

  • How can I protect my nails?

    Protecting your nails involves using appropriate gloves, applying nail polish, maintaining a balanced diet and regularly filing your nails.

  • How should I clean my nails?

    To clean your nails, use lukewarm soapy water and gently brush them. Pay attention to the undersides and surrounding areas of your nails.

  • How to strengthen nails after removing acrylics?

    We recommend you read our related content to learn how you can strengthen your nails after removing acrylics.

Clean your nails at least twice a month. Let your nails breathe first before putting on the next nail color that catches your eye. And finally, remove that habit of nail-biting. Not only will it damage perfectly manicured nails, but it will also create ingrown nails. We all know how painful that can be so as much as possible, nails out of the mouth please!

And finally, let the beauty of your nails come from the inside out. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet; drink a lot of water. With this, you will be ensured of the best nail conditions.

They say that one can judge a person through his or her nails. So make sure that people get the best impression of you by showing them your best – a well trimmed set of nails!

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