Three Simple Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing Make-up

Nowadays, make-up has become a daily ritual for many women. Even on a simple trip to the grocery store, some women can’t help but put on a dab of that lipstick before stepping out of their doors. But contrary to that, there are also some women who are so preoccupied with their jobs and have so little time for themselves that wearing no make up on will have to do. There is nothing wrong with a bare face, but everyone can’t help but agree that a little color on those cheeks would definitely make you stand out more.

Three Simple Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing Make-up
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But first things first; why is make-up so important in the first place? Hasn’t anyone heard of the cliché, “beauty is natural?” But before turning down the next offer of a make-over in your favorite mall, here are some things that you ought to know about make-up, and a little bit more to help change your mindset about these products.

Make-up is not all about color

Do you picture your face as a page in a coloring book and make-up as the coloring pens? If you do, then I’m sorry to say that make-up can actually do more than color. Most make-up nowadays contain SPF (sun protection factor) components that can actually protect your face from over-exposure to UV rays. These also act as moisturizers, keeping the water content of your skin making it look healthier and more radiant.

Make up can reverse damages made to your skin

It exfoliates dead cells and even helps erase dark spots and wrinkles. This is no fountain of youth, but some active ingredients in make-up such as retinol can actually lessen fine lines and make your face look younger.

Most of the products available in the market are all organic and dermatologist tested

Yes, you heard that right. These products were actually tested and tried by skin doctors and are proven to be safe for a certain skin type. Worried for your sensitive skin? Then do not fret as there are now gentle and fragrance-free products that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin as well.

So gone are the days when make-up was notorious for clogging up pores and destroying the skin’s natural beauty. Today, technology has taken make-up to another level making it safer for skin of all types and shades, and yes, even for everyday use.

If you have changed your mind about make-up by now and have decided to put some on before you go to work on Monday, the tricky part would be finding the kind that suits you best. But again girls, do not worry. Make-up stores now have their very own consultants on stand-by. Never be afraid to ask for help. They can give you helpful advice on the correct product to use based on your skin color and skin type.

Living a healthy lifestyle is always the best way to get that radiant, healthy face that everyone is aiming for. But girls, a little vanity won’t always hurt right? So have fun being beautiful and remember: a smile is always the best make-up to wear!

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