Simple Makeup Tips For Neophytes

Applying make-up does not mean that merely dusting colorful powder and liquid substances on your face will instantly transform you into a ravishing beauty. The art of applying make-up, like any other artistic conquest, requires practice, patience, artistry, and most of all a keen eye for beauty. Because everyone has different skin tones, different hues should be considered in the application of make-up.

Simple Makeup Tips For Neophytes
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A clean canvas is always the easiest to work with. Before applying make-up, cleanse your face with a mild facial cleanser to rid it of dirt, dust and other particles that may be clogging your pores. This is best done by swabbing cotton that is damp with the cleansing solution over your face and neck.

Powder and Foundation

Invest in pressed powder or foundation that is of superior quality. Pressed powder and foundations give your face the illusion of smoothness and flawlessness upon application. Do not forget to also apply powder on your neck to avoid having to explain to people why the color of your face and your neck do not seem to match. These also come in handy later on in the day when you start to feel sweaty and oily. Touch up by lightly dabbing the powder’s sponge on your T-zone to help regulate oil.

The Blush

Perfecting the art of applying the blush is not an easy task to do. Too much blush can make a person look artificial or make their cheeks look burnt. Always remember that the goal in applying blush is only to give a slight tint to your cheeks to avoid making you look deathly pale. A little pink on your cheeks makes you look radiant and healthy and sweetly blushing.

Wonderful eyes

Crimping your lashes makes your eyes look wider and more captivating. Finding the perfect eye make-up color is also very important, make sure to look for hues that will compliment your face. Finishing this off with mascara makes you even more stunning. Striking eyes catch everyone’s attention, so make sure that you perfect this technique to help your eyes be at their most beautiful.

Neat eyebrows

It’s remarkable how a pair of neatly tweezed eyebrows can do wonders for your face. Beautiful brows with perfect arches always seem to light up your entire face. Be careful not to over-tweeze to avoid making your eyebrows too narrow. Always pluck brows piece by piece on both sides to ensure that your eyebrows maintain symmetry and balance.


Your lips need extra care and attention. Like your face, you need to protect your lips from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and from the harsh elements that may cause them to dry up and crack. To do this, find a moisturizing lip gloss or lip balm with sun protection to maintain your lips’ smoothness. Use this gloss as base before applying your lipstick. After lipstick application, slick gloss over your lips one more time to prevent them from looking parched. Be careful to apply only within your lips. Strayed smears of lipstick can be removed with soft facial tissue or even by your fingers.

  • Why is starting with a clean canvas important when doing makeup?

    Starting with a clean canvas helps makeup adhere better and can help conceal skin issues.

  • How should I highlight the eyes?

    Highlight the eyes with light eyeliner and mascara for a natural look.

  • How do I choose makeup colors?

    For natural makeup, opt for light and neutral colors that complement your skin tone.

  • Which makeup brushes should I use?

    Makeup brushes can help apply makeup more smoothly and professionally. You can use brushes for eyeshadow, blush, and powder.

  • How should I remove my makeup?

    You can remove makeup using makeup remover products or a gentle cleanser. Leaving makeup on can lead to skin issues.

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