Seven Cosmetic Items A Woman Should Have

How much make-up a woman puts on will depend on her preference but here are some cosmetic items that a woman should have.

Seven Cosmetic Items A Woman Should Have
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Lip Gloss

A woman should have this in her make-up kit. A lip gloss can be used to add shine to a matte lip color. This is a great form of lip wear for women who are not comfortable wearing lipstick or for women who prefer light make up.

Lip glosses can come in a tube or a small roll-on like bottle. Other lip gloss comes with a small brush. Lip glosses come in a variety of colors. Most lip gloss has a sticky consistency and sometimes contains little sparkles.


Pale lips don’t look good. It makes you look dull rather than alive. Facial make-up won’t be complete without lipstick. Can you imagine a woman wearing heavy make-up but without the lipstick? It doesn’t look good, doesn’t it?

Lipsticks are usually applied last because this form of make-up is the one that completes the look. It enhances and emphasizes a woman’s lips. Like lip gloss, lipstick comes in a variety of colors that you can choose. Remember that lipstick should only be applied on the lips; it’s not like some form of lip gloss that can be used both on the lips and the cheeks.

Eye Liner

If you have got great eyes then there is no better way to emphasize them than by lining your lids with an eyeliner. The eye liner can be in liquid form or pencil form.

The pencil form is the one usually used by women because it is simple to apply and easy to remove in case of mistakes in application. Liquid eyeliners are also used but not as often because it takes a few minutes for it to dry completely. This makeup should be used on the eyes alone and not anywhere else.


Add color to your cheeks by using blush-ons. This type of cosmetic is usually used to emphasize the cheek bones or add contour to that face. This is the best way to perk up your look.

Blush-ons come in a variety of colors; however. it would be best if you use something that is more or less compatible with your skin tone.


This is the type of cosmetic used especially for the eyelashes and it is otherwise known as eyelash mascara. The eyelash mascara comes in a number of variants.

There are those mascaras that are able to create a voluminous effect while others are capable of making your lashes look longer which is highly recommended for individuals whose lashes are barely visible.

Press Powder

This cosmetic serves as the base layer. The press powder or foundation is usually applied on the face first. This is done in order to even out the skin tone and conceal some areas or scars.

The press powder or foundation comes in a variety of forms. You have the liquid foundation, cream to powder foundation and of course the powder foundation. The foundation is also available in a number of shades; therefore, when using one, make sure that it is as close to your complexion as possible.

Eye Shadow

Draw attention by perking up your eyelids. To do this, all you have to do is put on eye shadow. The eye shadow is a kind of make-up that is usually applied on the upper eyelids of the eyes. One color can be used or a combo of two or three colors. When using multiple colors, it is of high importance to blend the colors well in order to make it look more natural.

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