Make Up Eyes – 10 Easy Steps

This is a simple easy 10 steps for eyes make up for every ladies or girls. Just follow these simple steps you will be having a pair of sexy, bright and bigger eyes that definitely will catch a lot of attention in a party.

Make Up Eyes - 10 Easy Steps

Step 1: First, use the black color eyeliner to draw along the inner site of your eyelashes, this will outstand your eye to look smarter.

Step 2: Apply some black color eye shadow using your finger slightly rub over at the end of the eye and move 45 degree upward.

Step 3: Continue to use the black color eyeliner to paint the upper site of the eye, which is just right above eyelashes. Slowly draw from the end of eye to the front side, keep the end a bit thicker than the front side.

Step 4: Continue to draw slowly until you color the whole upper eye lip with a thin line.

Step 5: Then draw the lower eye line from the back to quarter length below the eye line. Form a trapezium shape, remember the upper and lower eye lines need to be connected.

Important step!

Read carefully what was done in step 6.

Step 6: Carefully link upper and lower eyelashes together at the end of the eye.

Step 7: Use a new brush with silver and white color eye shadow to apply over the lower part of the eye, apply just slightly 1 cm below the eye.

Step 8: Slowly apply the silver and white eye shadow towards the eye corner, this will provide eye enlargement effect.

Step 9: Lastly remember to use a dense or thick mascara to role the upper eyelashes until it is curl up and clearly showing each individual of the eyelashes.

Step 10: Do not remember you need to use mascara to the bottom eyelashes too.

This is the final result with some different color eye shadow been use.

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