How to Get a Sleek Makeup Look

Do you ever see celebrities on the red carpet that have the most amazing, sleek makeup and become instantly jealous you don’t have a talented makeup artist to give you that same look? Well, now you don’t have to. Sleek makeup is a clean, crisp, and eye-catching type of makeup that leaves people wondering just how you achieved such awesomeness. Below I have all the steps necessary for you to give yourself a sleek makeup look!

How to Get a Sleek Makeup Look
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Light foundationTo even out skin tone
EyelinerTo accentuate the eyes
Glossy lipstickTo highlight the lips
HighlighterTo add glow to the skin
Which makeup products are used for a sleek look?

Step 1 – Clean it Up

The first step to apply really any makeup is to make sure your face is clean. Remove all foundation, mascara and other makeup that may still be on your face from the day before. You want to start this makeup look with the freshest canvas you can in order to achieve a sleek look.

Step 2 – The Base

Once your face is completely clean, you’ll want to apply your concealer and foundation. Make sure you blend all of it into every bit of your face and neck so nothing is discolored. For a sleek makeup look you’ll need everything to be fresh.

Step 3 – The Eye Makeup

For this type of makeup, your eyes should be bold, exciting, and sometimes colorful. After you’ve applied a primer and all of the necessary prepping steps (see Eye Makeup Tutorial), you will apply the primary eyeshadow and any other colors you want. To make this extra crisp, dust translucent powder under your eyes so you can easily wipe away unwanted shadow dust. This will leave your face looking much cleaner and give you a slight glow under your eyes. Next, you can line your top and bottom lash line with a dark eyeliner and add a few coats of mascara.

*Bonus: if you want an extra sleek makeup look, use a liquid liner and create ‘wings’ on your top lash.

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Step 4 – The Brows

If your goal is to achieve celebrity-level sleek makeup, you’ll want to line your eyebrows so they don’t get lost under the foundation and boldness of your eyelids. I suggest a brow pencil so you have long-lasting effects. Start from the inside of your eyebrow and trace lightly along the bottom. Then fill them in so they are natural looking, but bold. Be sure to brush them out afterward so you don’t get stuck with big clumps of brow pencil stuck in there.

Step 5 – The Finishing Touches

Now that all of your eye makeup is on and looking fantastic, you can add the last two things: highlights and blush. Apply your blush first. To make this accurate you’ll want to suck in your cheeks and apply the blush in an upward motion from the bottom of your cheek bone to your hair line. To make this sleek-looking, you’ll want to use a bold color that is evident, but not overly noticeable. Next, add the highlights. Using a highlighting stick, highlight the following areas: middle of chin, bridge of nose, above and below eyebrows, and the apples of your cheeks. Blend very well. This will give you that beautiful glow that all celebrities have.

  • What is a sleek makeup look?

    A sleek makeup look typically refers to a smooth, glossy and sophisticated appearance. This type of makeup is characterized by minimal product usage and prominently highlighted certain features.

  • Is a sleek makeup look suitable for all skin types?

    Yes, a sleek makeup look is suitable for all skin types.

  • In what situations is a sleek makeup look suitable?

    A sleek makeup look is typically ideal for evening events or special occasions.

All done! Now you are equipped with all the knowledge you need to create an amazing, sleek makeup look that will have people asking you about it all night long!

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