How To Do Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes makeup is the most trendy makeup design. You should really learn it right away to apply on your next date or hang out function!

How To Do Smokey Eyes
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Step 1: Choose the desire eye shadow color. Brown will give you a great smokey eyes effect. As usual, apply the foundation base. Use larger eye shadow brush applies the light brown eye shadow to the eyelids and up to the base of eyebrows. Then, apply dark brown eye shadow on the eyelid and blend it upward on the eyelid.

Step 2: In the middle of the eyelid, use a brush to smudge the light and dark brown eye shadow into gradient. So that it looks natural.

Step 3: Use black eyeliner to line both top and bottom eyelashes line (near the root of eyelashes), to ensure it look sharp and perfect.

Step 4: Curl the eyelashes before applying black mascara, brush on to the eyelashes to open eyes big and up. Thus, you may add little blusher and lipstick.

Finally, the smokey eyes make up is completed. Overall appearance look great and gorgeous. You may wear this make up during casual events or to work.

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