How to apply Foundation

Foundation for makeup is just as important as it sounds. It is the foundation and the base in which you will create something beautiful on. You wouldn’t paint an amazing mural without putting a base coat on and prepping the canvas, would you? No. So why do that with your face?

How to apply Foundation
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How can you apply your foundation for the best possible outcome, you ask? Well, here are the proper steps you can take to ensure incredible results every time!

  • Cleanse your skin and ensure it’s moisturized.
  • Apply a makeup base.
  • Apply the foundation.
  • Blend the foundation using a makeup sponge or brush.

Step 1 – Choosing the Proper Shade

I cannot emphasize enough how crucial this step is. Selecting the wrong foundation color can completely undermine your final look. A common mistake people make is holding a foundation bottle up to their cheek or forehead and buying it simply because it appears to be ‘close enough’. Or people make the error of using the back of their hand as a guide when buying foundation. Both of these are wrong, and I’ll tell you why. When you use your cheek, forehead, or the back of your hand, you’re using discolored areas to determine the shade of your skin and in turn, putting on makeup that is either way too dark or too light. To buy the correct shade, use your NECK as a guide. The color of your neck is the most consistent color throughout your body and will always translate to most of the skin on your face.

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Step 2 – Application Tool

There are many ways you can apply your foundation; your fingers, a brush, a sponge, or a combination of all of them. This is really up to you and whatever you prefer, however, if you use a brush you will find that it gives you a more consistent application. Foundation brushes come in many forms, from small flat brushes, to larger round, flat-tipped brushes. I find that using these in combination produces the smoothest looking finish.

Step 3 – Applying the Foundation

Now for the Holy Grail; how to actually apply this stuff! I like to start very light. You can always add more, but it becomes a mess if you end up with too much. You don’t want cake-looking skin. To start, pour a little of the liquid mixture on the back of your hand. Next, use a medium sized flat brush (or sponge or your fingers, whatever you decided to use) and apply it to your cheeks, forehead, chin, over the top of your nose, and most importantly your neck. Using the same brush, spread it around so it’s covering all of the surface of your face and blend it down to your neck. Blending the foundation to your neck is the most important part. Otherwise your face and neck may look two different colors! The last thing you’ll do is take your big, round, flat top brush and without adding any additional foundation, brush it over your face in a circular motion. This is ensure that the foundation is spread in an even layer over your face and neck.

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Step 4 – The Finishing Touches

Now that your foundation is applied properly, the last thing to do before continuing on with your makeup routine is to take some translucent powder and dust it lightly all of your face. This will set your foundation and keep it looking flawless all day.

You’ve just learned how to make your foundation look flawless every time. A proper base is the only way to make sure your final makeup product is continuously stunning!

  • Why is foundation used?

    Foundation is used to even out skin tone, hide imperfections and make your makeup look more smooth and professional. It also helps your makeup last longer.

  • Is applying foundation difficult?

    Applying foundation is a skill that requires practice. It may seem difficult at first, but with time and patience you can develop your ability to apply foundation perfectly.

  • How can I remove foundation?

    To remove foundation, you can use a makeup remover or makeup remover wipes. If you have a sensitive skin type be careful to choose a makeup remover that does not irritate the skin.

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