How to apply Blush

You may think this is easy; dash on some rosiness to your cheeks and get on with your day. But how many times have you been out in public and looked at a girl whose face was completely taken over by deep crimson blobs on their cheeks? Probably more than a couple of times. But I bet you’ve also been envious of those girls who have seemingly perfect cheekbones and a natural glow to about them. Well, about 90% of the time, that’s because they have properly applied their blush.

How to apply Blush
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So how do you sculpt your cheekbones to near perfection?

Step 1 – The Blush

The absolute first thing, before you can even learn how to use it, is to purchase the right blush color for you skin tone. There are a lot of ways to go about this, but the best way that I’ve learned is to use a blush that is the same color as your natural lips. So remove any lipstick or lip gloss that you have on, and pick out a blush that is the closest you can get.

*Bonus tip: If you want a more dramatic look for a night out on the town, bite down on both your top and bottom lip for a few seconds each and match a blush with that color. This will give you an overall darker color that still matches your skin tone.

Step 2 – The Brush

While you’re at the store looking for your Step 1 supplies, make a pit stop near the makeup brushes and pick up a proper brush. This would be a brush that’s full, large, and angled at the end. Most of them will be labeled as a blush brush.
*Side Note: Make sure to always wash your brushes regularly for flawless makeup application. Be sure to visit our Makeup store and such for blusher brushes!

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Step 3 – Preparation

Prior to applying blush to your cheeks, it’s essential to have your base prepared. This involves applying any necessary concealer and foundation. For the best results, refer to “How to Apply Foundation.”

Step 4 – The Application

Now that you are all set up with everything you need, you can begin to apply your blush. There is a certain way to do this in order for maximum, cheek-bone defying results. You can’t just glob a bit of rose-colored dust on your cheeks and call it a day! Firstly, make a fish face. I know this sounds silly, but hear me out. When you do this, you will automatically see the outline of your cheek bones. In the “hollow” space, apply your lightly coated blush brush from about an inch to the side of the corner of your mouth, following the hollowed space, up to your hairline. Repeat for both sides and apply extra if necessary.

*Bonus Tip: To make your cheeks have an extra glow, find a great bronzer and dust some just a little higher on your cheek bone than your blush.

  • Why is blush used?

    Blush adds a healthy color to your face and dimension to your makeup.

Now you have all the information you need to not only cure your jealousy of other out-of-this-world cheeks, but make other girls envious of your great blush application as well!

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