Five Ways To Look Great Without Makeup

Although the world today is preoccupied with good packaging and great looks, the best things in life come in all-natural bundles: fresh fruits are healthier than synthetic ones; personalized and sincerely written letters are more inviting than generic messages; natural body types are more believable than the too-skinny or the too-busty ideals created and popularized by media.

Five Ways To Look Great Without Makeup
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When it comes to makeup, nothing is actually more alluring and more genuine than the au natural look. Makeup is meant to enhance beauty, and not to altogether invent one in one miraculous session. You may have your own reasons for not wanting to or not being able to wear makeup. Rest assured, however, that an unpretentious you can still look great without makeup. Check out the list and see how.

Cleanse your skin.

The most noticeable organ that people notice is your skin, simply because it is the largest organ visible to the public. The skin advertises your hygienic practices without your knowing, so in all things, aim for a clean look. Take a shower regularly. Wipe grime and dirt off your face. Rehydrate by drinking water. Immediately seek treatment for your acne breakout. If you have clean skin, you’ll feel a lesser need to apply makeup. You’ve got nothing to hide. Clean is beautiful.

Exfoliate once in a while.

Exfoliation is one of the staple activities for achieving a clean and even look. It rids your body of dead skin cells and allows new skin to stand out. It even gives your face that rosy and pinkish glow because the massages that go with the exfoliating sessions aid blood circulation. Instead of investing in expensive foundation and blemish-concealing formula, invest in the relatively cheaper loofah scrub. If you have no blemishes and skin discolorations, you don’t need foundation anymore.

Get enough sleep.

Nothing is truly more refreshing than sleep. Sleep rejuvenates your tired eyes and skin, and prepares your body to survive your grueling schedule for the next day. When you get enough sleep, you minimize the need for concealers and eyebag reducers. Your body radiates a healthy glow. You may not even need to put on blush.

Groom your hair.

The hair you’re reading about here does not only refer to unwanted hair which you must shave off regularly, but also refers to visible head and body hair that is the subject of either public admiration or disdain. Comb your hair and choose a style that complements your face. Apply gel to your eyebrows. Well-groomed hair adds to your clean look and may even be a conversation starter in itself. Well-groomed hair is sexy hair, and sexy hair creates that beauteous look that requires no makeup at all.

Wear a smile.

A smile lightens your face and allows your inner beauty to radiate. When people see you smile, they won’t be focusing on just your well-placed eyebrows or your rosy cheeks or your red-rose lips. Rather, people will be appreciating the whole you. Truly, nothing is more disarming than a genuine smile. You don’t need makeup to flash one.

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