Five Tips For Make-up Shopping

Makeup brands today are as numerous as the grain of sand in the beach (yes, it may seem like an exaggeration). But the fact is there are hundreds if not thousands of make-up brands out there – international brands and local brands each with their own line of specialty: Asian skin, American skin, organic, etc.

Five Tips For Make-up Shopping
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Sometimes, when we go shopping for these products, we get drowned by the number of choices we have and more times than often, we end up buying the wrong kind. So try not to waste more of your time and hard earned money by taking these into mind before heading out to shop for make-up.

Plan ahead.

This would save you a great deal of time and effort. Knowing what you want would narrow down the choices that you have. Are you shopping for new make-up for that formal party? Then write down exactly what you need to buy and try not to get tempted on grabbing the next lip color that just happens to catch your fancy.

Also, it is helpful to read through magazines about make-up brands. If you find something that you like, then you won’t be that clueless when you get to the mall. It also gives you time to research a bit on its ingredients just to make sure that all is safe for you and your skin.

Budget your money.

Yes, a girl can never have too many kinds of make-up. But try not to spend your entire month’s pay. Resist the urge and I assure you, you’ll be thankful that you did. Anyways, you have your whole life ahead of you; why all the rush, right? You might not know, the next big make-up sale could be coming your way. Just wait and learn to hold your horses.


That color may look gorgeous to the eye but you’ll never know how it would look on your skin until you try it on. So test before you buy. Put a little dab of that concealer, blush-on or that eye shadow that you are sighting to purchase over the back of your hand. See if it looks good on your skin or if you feel comfortable with it. And don’t forget, some products may have a certain scent that you may not like. So don’t forget to give that product a little whiff to see if you’re comfortable with the smell.

Never hesitate to ask for help.

Nowadays, almost every make-up stand in the mall has a consultant that will help you with all your vanity questions. They should be knowledgeable about skin types, colors and the likes. Another good thing about asking for help is that these people always know where to find the things that you need or want. They know every nook and cranny of the make-up shelves so that will save you time as well.

Take advantage of samples.

Make-up companies usually give out samples of their products in small packets (such as foundations, lip sticks, eye shadows). So take advantage of this but get only what you need. Most of the time, you wont be able to use these samples and these will just take up extra room in your drawer.

So girls, remember that make-up shopping should always be fun. Following these simple tips will save you a lot of money and time and will increase your chances of buying the right stuff. Happy shopping!

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