Five Makeup Bloopers To Avoid

Some people are beautiful without makeup. Others, however, need makeup to look and feel better about themselves. Which of the two types of people are you? Well, if you haven’t decided yet and if you’re simply the curious type who wants to try things out, check out the following list. Know the bloopers you must avoid before you go “live” on your first makeup session.

Five Makeup Bloopers To Avoid
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A caked face results from the over application of foundation or cream. Although the foundation or cream does conceal your fine lines and blemishes well, it also makes you look more like a clown or a mime in the circus. Worse, you will literally look like a walking cake. Buy birthday candles and balloons, and you’ll be the life of the party. Know when enough is enough, or ask your friends.


There’s nothing more unnerving than seeing your pretty made up face sitting on your undone neck. If you’re applying foundation on your face, do the same on your neck. Blend thoroughly. Do not end your makeup routine at your jaw line. Otherwise, the contrast will be so obvious that your face will look like a mask. Note that November 1st is the only day when you go trick and treating.


There are two types you need to be wary of:

? Lipstick on your teeth. Lipstick on your teeth results from just two instances. Either you’re a complete newbie and don’t have the dexterity to control your fingers, or you’re a natural lip biter because you find the mannerism sexy. Biting your lips (and someone else’s) is fine, really. Just don’t do it when you have lipstick on or you’ll look like a rabid vampire who’s just been fed.

? Lipstick on your cheeks. You get smudges if you have a nasty habit of wiping your mouth in a sweeping manner. You also get lipstick on your cheeks if your unfastened hair sticks on your lips, gets blown to and fro by the wind, and whips your face. Try to discipline your hands when you feel the urge to wipe your mouth and remember to fasten your hair whenever you’re going out on a windy day. Failure to heed the advice will make you look like a captive who just escaped from a torture chamber.


You don’t need to be a genius to figure this out. Eye makeup smudges when it comes in contact with liquid and when you scratch your eyes. The result is terrifying. You will look like a horror character who cries black blood or a badly beaten up character with the queerest-looking black eye. To avoid smudgy eye makeup, invest in waterproof cosmetics or simply tame your fingers not to scratch the itch up there.


Over rosy cheeks result from the over application of blush-on and the use of a blush-on tint that greatly contrasts with your foundation. Temper your strokes, lest you want to join Pinocchio and be a puppet on a string.

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