Eyebrows Shaping – 1 Minute Simple and Easy Steps

Many ladies think that eyebrows shaping is a tedious and challenging task, actually it can really simple and only needs 3 minutes of your time to have new, tidy, clean and striking eyebrows at home.

Eyebrows Shaping - 1 Minute Simple and Easy Steps

Some handy times for you before get into the actual steps, when shaping eyebrows you should:

  1. Start at both left and right hand side of the eyebrow and ending the same time to get a balance outlook.
  2. Can draw a line using eyebrow outliner stick (black color) from central of your nose to the forehead, so you can know whether is both side of eyebrows are balance or not.
  3. You also can draw out the new shape you want using eyebrow outliner stick at the both side before trimming off the eyebrows.

Point 1: The head of eyebrow should have enough thickness

Point 2: The height between end of eyebrows and end of eye sight should keep in at least 2cm.

Point 3: The length of eyebrows should be just nicely cover up the length of the eye. Not shorter or longer.

Point 4: Head of eyebrows should be not be too close to each other, it has to be some distance apart like 2 cm.

Point 5: The arch of the end of eyebrows can leave up for 1-2 cm

Point 6: The eyebrows tip can draw up slightly higher up pointing towards head of the ear.

Eyebrows Shaping

Step 1: Facing a mirror, put a eyebrow brush above both eyebrow, check if there is any different height between the eyebrows, if there is a 0.3cm differences, then you need to shape your eyebrows.

Step 2: Use eyebrow razor to remove wider area of unwanted hairs between the eyes and eyebrow region.

Step 3: Use eyebrow forceps to remove any excessive hairs close to eyebrows, when removing the hairs, remember to remove it from its root.

Step 4: Use eyebrow brush to comb the hairs from head of eyebrows towards the peak.

Step 5: From the eyebrows peak comb down the hairs towards the end of the eyebrows.

Step 6: Use arch shape trimmer to trim out a nicely arch shape at the end of the eyebrows.

Step 7: If the hair at the end of the eyebrows are too long, use a trimmer and a comb to make it shorter.

Step 8: Remove any fine hairs between forehead and eyebrows.

Step 9: If at the edge of the eye (C-shape zone) has some hair, make sure you remove the hair too to make it looks tidy and clean.
Step 10: Make sure you clean up or remove the hair in between eyebrows.

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