Eyebrow Shapes and Shades for Your Face

Eyebrow shapes nonverbally express simple facial features that highlight individual personality. So choose and create perfect eyebrow shapes with right shades that transcend the beauty of your face. Own the shape you always admired with these useful tips.

Some useful tips to remember while shaping your eyebrows.

  • The primary rule of shaping the eyebrow is that the tweezers should have slant edges and rough textured point. Make sure to replace them every year.
  • Main features of face such as mouth, eyes and eyebrows are never balanced symmetrically. Therefore while doing your brows it is important to bring all the features into balance with each other in order to produce a proportioned look.
  • Before shaping the eyebrows always remember to spray a little hair spray on your brows and brush them using your toothbrush to keep them in place.
  • Wipe the brow area with a cotton ball soaked in astringent before tweezing your brow, as the cooling effect will help you not to feel much pain due to numbness.
  • Eyebrow should be shaped according to the natural line of your brow bone.
  • It should extend and taper slightly beyond the eye.
  • The arch should be highest at the outer corner of the pupil.
  • Avoid slanting upward eyebrows as they give angry look on your face.
  • To add volume to your brows, use stiff slanted brush to apply eye shadow in short gentle strokes.
  • People with thin brows can apply little color to the top of each eyebrow and brush it in place for denser look.

Perfect Eyebrow Shapes

  • Angular eyebrow shape works well for those with round face.
  • Round fuller eyebrow is suitable for woman with large eyes or wide forehead. These brows should follow the frontal bone and taper gently. A heart shape face can also be emphasized with slightly rounded eyebrows with sharp angles.
  • Women with wider jaws and round cheek should go for arched shape eyebrows like many celebrities. It gives width and expression to the eye and balances prominent nose or a large mouth.
  • Low arched shape is appropriate for those with small forehead as it gives illusion of more length.

Brow shades

Eyebrow color can either dominate your face or disappear entirely. So, be careful when you are using brow shades. Here are some of the shades for your help.

  • Olive complexion women can use tawny or brown brow shades
  • Dark African-American complexion women can use gray shades
  • Fair complexion women can use blonde shades

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