Eye Makeup Tutorial

Whether you’re going out for a night on the town, or just going to a casual lunch, you’re going to want the perfect eye makeup look. See below for the best eye makeup tutorial that will have your eyes looking like you hired your own makeup artist!

Eye Makeup Tutorial
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Step 1 – Choose Your Style

The absolute first thing you’re going to want to do is determine which kind of look you’re going for. If it’s a night out with friends, a darker and sultrier look is probably what you’ll want. But if you’re going to a brunch with your mom, then you’ll probably just want something light and natural. Either way, this eye makeup tutorial will give you all the information you may need for any look you decide on.

Step 2 – Get Cleaned Up

Alright, so you’ve chosen the kind of eye makeup you want and now it’s time to get started! The second step to the perfect eye makeup is to make sure your face is completely clean before applying any new makeup. If you have day-old mascara clogging up your eyelashes, any new makeup you put on is just going to look like a clumpy mess!

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Step 3 – Prep and Prime

When doing your eye makeup, just like anything long-lasting and successful, you’ll need to build a base. The base for your makeup will be primer and concealer. Since you’re doing your eye makeup all fancy, I’m assuming you’re going to be doing up your whole face. If this is the case, then you will apply your favorite concealer all over your face – including your eyelids. After your base is on, you’ll want to add a special primer to your eyelids alone. Primer works to seal creases and make sure your eyeshadow stays on for the entirety of your day.

Step 4 – Get it Started

Now that you have your eyelids primed and prepped, you can start applying the first layer of eyeshadow. No matter if you’re going for casual or a darker makeup look, you will need a base eyeshadow. Using a light color will work best for this and most eyeshadows even label a certain color as a base. This will ensure you have plenty of blending material for your color of choice.

Step 5 – Add Your Color

Apply your color(s) of choice. When applying eyeshadow, especially the darker colors, always work from the outer corner in and start very light. You can always add more, but it is very messy to try and remove eyeshadow once it is already there. Start at the outer corner and blend inward and upward to give yourself a smoky look. To mix things up even more, add a second color to the inner part of your eyelid. Just make sure to blend inward and upward and blend the two colors together!

Step 6 – The Finishing Touches

The last thing in this eye makeup tutorial is to add eyeliner and mascara. Now, if you’re going for a light and casual style makeup, you can omit eyeliner and just stick to the mascara. This will give you a more natural look. If you chose a heavier makeup look, then line your top lid and lower lash line with dark eyeliner and then apply multiple coats of mascara to really make your eyes pop!

Ta-da! You have just read an eye makeup tutorial that will ensure that you have long-lasting, beautiful eyes throughout your whole day!

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