Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes, then you know the struggle of trying to find an eyeshadow color that will really make the very few colors in your eyes stand out. Since brown eyes are usually dark, it can be difficult to do up your eye makeup without having your eye color disappear completely. Here is a list of different eyeshadow colors that pair the best with your brown eyes!

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes
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Makeup StyleDescription
Smokey Eye MakeupThis makeup style, done with black, gray and brown eyeshadows, dramatically highlights brown eyes.
Bronze MakeupBronze-toned eyeshadows and blushes warmly and sparkly highlight brown eyes.
Colorful MakeupEyeshadows in vibrant colors like purple, green or blue playfully and energetically highlight brown eyes.
Some makeup styles suitable for brown eyes

Casual Colors

Sometimes you want to keep a natural look, but still make your eyes really pop! The below colors are some that will make the little golden or even some green flecks in your brown eyes seem to glow, instead of leaving your eyes a solid brown.


Peach is the best color to use for an everyday look for those of you with brown eyes. It’s a soft color that compliments the brown so well that people won’t notice you’re even wearing makeup – but they will notice how great your eyes look!


If you want to really warm up your dull brown eyes, then a gold shadow is what you’ll want to use. Since gold is so bright and heated, it will find all of those pieces of gold in your own eyes and make them brighter and fresher looking.

Some makeup tips for brown eyes:

  • Use eyeliner and mascara to highlight your eyes.
  • Use a white or nude eye pencil to make your eyes look bigger.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel suitable for your eyebrows to complete your eye makeup.
  • Use a sparkly eyeshadow to highlight your eyes.
  • Use a gold-toned eyeshadow to make your eyes look brighter and more vibrant.

Greenish Gold

f you’re someone who has little flecks of green in your eyes that always seem to be hidden within the depths of brown, then this color is best for you. Try using Sumptuous Olive Eye Shadow by M.A.C. Since this color is very subtly green, it will illuminate the emerald in your eyes while still giving you a natural look.

Bold Colors

Ready for a night on the town? Here are some daring colors that will mesh well with your brown eyes!


If you want to go with a bold look, then purple is what you want. Purple works in mysterious ways to really bring out the brightness that is hiding in your eyes.

Extra Tip: If you want to take this to the next step, you can use purple eyeliner to make your eyes pop even more

Cobalt Blue

This is probably the most daring color you could use. The bright blue compliments the golden flecks in brown eyes and makes them seem much brighter than usual. I suggest trying out Estee Lauder Pure Color Gelee powder EyeShadow 12 FIRE SAPPHIRE


Copper is a go-to color for a night out with the girls because it’ll give your brown eyes a sultry look; especially when paired with thick black eyeliner and mascara. Your eyes will be very vibrant and elegant looking with this eyeshadow color.

Colors to Avoid

As much as there are colors that make your eyes look great, here are some that may do more harm than good.


This doesn’t mean you can’t have black eyeliner or mascara; in fact, those are great colors for those if paired with the right shadow. But when you surround a dark eye with even darker makeup, you’re just looking to make your eyes seem lost underneath the depths.


I understand your initial thought, ‘How could brown be a problem if I already have brown eyes?‘ However, when you layer one color on top of another, it can create a competition for attention. As a result, your eyes may appear muddled (pun intended), giving them a drained, lackluster, and, well, monotonous appearance.

  • What eyeshadow colors are suitable for brown eyes?

    makeup for brown eyes

    Eyeshadows in bronze, peach, purple, navy, green and gold tones generally look great on brown eyes. These colors highlight the natural tones of brown eyes and make them more prominent.

  • What eyeliner color is suitable for brown eyes?

    Black, brown and navy eyeliner colors generally look great on brown eyes. These colors make the eyes more prominent and add depth to your makeup.

Makeup for Brown Eyes – Eye Makeup Examples

Makeup for Brown Eyes
Photo by Ali Pazani (1) Photo by Kyle Roxas (2) Photo by Laura Garcia (3)
Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes
Photo by Anna Tarazevich (1) Photo by Laura Garcia (2) Photo by Amir SeilSepour (3)

Now that you have this list of colors to use, head over to the Eye Makeup Tutorial for the best way to apply these shadows so your eyes can really shine!

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