Eight Most Basic Makeup Items That Many Women Feel Naked Without

Most men have only six basic items to look good and these items don’t even have anything to do with cosmetics: a comb, some gel, a tooth brush, some toothpaste, a shaver and some aftershave. Women, on the other hand, have at least a hundred items they can’t live and leave without. The following is a list of the most basic makeup items that many women feel naked without.

Basic Makeup Items
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Blush-on either redefines the cheekbones or gives the cheek apples an attractively rosy glow. Traditional blush-ons come in powder form and require different brush strokes to create varying looks. However, cheek tints (blush-on in gel or liquid form) are gaining popularity because they last longer and require less skill to apply than their traditional powder counterparts.


A concealer is a mini foundation in concentrated content and more concise packaging. A concealer specifically targets blemishes and skin imperfections that still surface after foundation is applied to the face. It comes in pencil or liquid-in-a-tube packaging and is a favorite cosmetic item by many women because of the no-fuss, swipe-and-go manner with which it can be applied.


When penciling is too tedious, the eye brow gel tames the eye brows and keeps the already well-groomed ones in place. The gel is lightweight and transparent, and is often applied using an applicator that also functions as a comb.


An eye liner redefines the eyes, enhancing their shape. Most eye liners are pencil eye liners that require sharpening. Others come in liquid form and are used to achieve more dramatic looks.


Face powder is a quick way to avoid grime and to create the illusion of flawlessness. Although the powder is often used to set foundation, it can function as a standalone cosmetic item for women who already have great skin. Face powder comes in either loose or pressed variety.


Also known as a base, foundation complements the skin to hide blemishes and imperfections. It may come in powder, cake, cream and liquid forms. Like lipstick, it also offers several finishes to match different kinds of skin: matte for a refreshing, non-oily look, shiny for a glazed outdoor look typified by Jennifer Lopez, and sheer for an all-natural look.


Glossy lips are kissable lips. Lip glosses are close cousins to lipsticks because both cosmetics contain the same basic ingredients that merely vary in proportions: oil and wax. Packaged as either a stick or as liquid in a tube, lip gloss moisturizes the lips, prevents the lips from cracking, and gives the lips a smooth and shiny finish. Lip gloss without the slightest tint is also known as lip balm.


Red lips are always a head turner, but color is not the only basis for selection. There are several types of lipstick finishes to choose from as well: matte for greater texture, glossy for greater shine, crème for an equal balance of texture and shine, and shimmer for the right combination of shine and glitter.

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