Cat Eye Makeup

Eye is the window of the heart, it is the most important feature, many people fall in love with the pair of charming, sexy and attractive eyes. A proper eye makeup is important for your first date, as you can attract your partner to fall in love at first sight!

Cat Eye Makeup

There are many beautiful eye makeup design, however the most hot in town is Cat Eye Makeup. You can find many girls and celebrities apply this cat eye makeup in most of the events like party, dinner, dating, school, movies watching, and any other events.

Check out the step by step cat eye makeup below and some selected great cat eye makeup reference for you.

How To Do Cat Eye Makeup Step By Step

Eyebrows Makeup

  1. Apply concealer onto eyebrows, especially on the just trimmed or picked eyebrows region. This will help to make it looks smoother and natural.
  2. Apply foundation powder onto eyebrows with direction shown on picture.
  3. Apply mascara onto eyebrow peak, first in opposite eyebrows growing direction, then apply again following eyebrows growing direction. This help to make eyebrows more evenly.

Eye Shadow Makeup

  1. Apply light color eye shadow onto upper eyelid from the circle region to the back. Then apply on the bottom eyelid as shown in picture.
  2. Apply slightly darker color eye shadow onto the tail of eyelid, the region shown in picture above. You can use finger to rug the color a bit longer towards the back of the eye in 45 degree direction.
  3. Then apply another darker color to the region shown in picture. Roughly 1/3 of outer corner of upper back eyelid, you can apply more color, thicker and roughly 3mm longer line here.
  4. Apply the same darker color to the 1/3 portion of bottom back corner eyelid, can apply thinker line here too.

Drawing Eye line

  1. Use liquid based eyeliner to draw thin lines.
  2. Use darker color eyeliner to draw a bit thicker line from the middle of the eye ball towards the back corner of the eye. Lengthen 3mm the line out from the end of the eye corner.

3 & 4. Apply eyeliner on the bottom of eye line, back and forth at the eye corner.

Cheek and Lips Makeup

  1. Apply mascara onto eyelashes, reapply 1-2 times of mascara on the eyelashes at the back of eye corner.
  2. Apply white + silver eye shadow onto bottom front inner eye corner, this will help to bring up the whole eye and big eye effect.
  3. Mix red color and orange color blush together and apply onto the peak region of your cheek through circular motion (Region A). Then mix pink color with dark red color together and apply onto region B, this help to develop a more natural rosy cheek for you.
  4. Apply pearl pink color lipstick onto your lips. Remember to apply from the middle of lips towards the side of lips, apply thicker color further to the edge of lips. This help to create layering and bright toning effect on your lips.

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