5 Makeup Tips For Summer

Makeup is an essential part of every woman’s life no matter what is the season. They feel incomplete without it. Makeup makes them look beautiful, young, and fresh. But during different periods the makeover is done differently. In summers, there are various problems faced in doing as well as maintain it. There are some tips, which can help you in managing your makeover in summers. Some of them are as follows:

1- Sunscreen lotion or Sunblock

As in hot season, the heat of the Sun is very high, and the rays hit the skin directly. These radiations affect the skin. Therefore to avoid this sunscreen lotion or sunblock must be used. They not only protect your skin but also enhance the complexion. It can also be used as a foundation. You should also keep wipes with you in summers.

2- Eyeshades

Without eye shades the make-up is incomplete. If you go to a party or any other event, then eye makeup is a must. But in summers there are particular problems faced by the ladies in that regard. As the temperature is hot, therefore, the eyeshades too melt and can make your look disastrous. One should use waterproof eyeshades and also use staying powder for them. Silicon-based eyeshades are highly recommended for summer makeover.

3- Lipsticks

Without the lipstick, the makeover is not complete. It makes you look beautiful and young. The color of the shade of the lipstick must be chosen wisely according to the dress and type and time of the event. If we talk about summers, then the lipstick does not last long. Therefore for better and long lasting result, you should apply lip balm on it. This will not only heal your lips but will also make your lips look more fresh and bold.

4- Light makeup

The summer makeover should be light. You should use a moisturizer and concealer. Along with that, you must use a primer before doing the makeup. You should skip shimmer. As they give a bold look and the humidity can make them look even more bright. Due to which your make up looks inappropriate. Along with that, the use of massive base and foundation must be avoided. Mascara is light and can give you a glamorous look.

5- Blush on

Applying blush is a vital part of your makeup routine, as it imparts a healthy and rejuvenated appearance to your skin. Like other products of cosmetics, the blush on too must be applied according to the season. As in summers it does not stay for long and can change your look. Therefore you should pick it smartly.You should avoid using the powdered blush on and should use the stick. As it lasts long and blends perfectly.

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