The 6 Things People Notice About Your Hair

It has often been said that a woman’s hair tells a lot about her. By looking at any woman’s hair, one can judge her personal hygienic habits, her personality, and even obtain obvious telltale signs that pinpoint a woman’s true characteristics.

The 6 Things People Notice About Your Hair
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Her hair is, after all, her ultimate crowning glory.

A woman’s choice of color and style for her hair may greatly influence other people’s impression of her. Here is a list of the things that people usually notice about a woman’s hair:

Shiny vs. Dull

Commercials often seen on TV have long been pointing out that the girl with the shiny locks gets the most attention from everyone around her. Shampoos we see out in the market are all geared towards making the consumers believe that they are buying miracles in bottles that will supposedly tame their hair and transform it into shiny and frizz-free tresses.

Color and Highlights

In choosing your hair color, you have to consider your complexion. Salons, as well as do-it-yourself hair coloring kits, offer the public a wide selection of colors to choose from. This assures everyone that there exists a perfect color for each one’s unique skin tone. Make sure that the color you choose for your hair makes your face look radiant, rather than look sallow and pale.

Skin toneIt’s important that your hair color complements your skin tone. If you have cool skin tones, cool hair colors like platinum blonde or ash brown might be suitable for you. If you have warm skin tones, warm hair colors like golden blonde or caramel might be more suitable for you.
Eye colorIt’s important that your hair color accentuates your eye color. For example, people with blue eyes generally look good with blonde or brown hair, while people with brown eyes generally look good with dark hair.
Personal styleIt’s important that your hair color matches your personal style and personality. If you have a bold and attention-grabbing style, bright and vibrant hair colors might be suitable for you. If you have a more natural and sophisticated style, natural and neutral hair colors might be more suitable for you.
Factors to consider when choosing hair color


Probably the first thing anyone will notice about your hair is its style. People’s faces are shaped differently, thus, it is important that your hairstyle perfectly suits every contour of your face. Your hair is meant to compliment your features, which is why it is best to leave the styling to the expert hands of a trusted professional. Hairstyles can also tell people about a woman’s personality. They are extrinsic evidence of whether she is bold and daring, wild and outgoing, or meek and old-fashioned.


When it comes to your hair, people will immediately notice if you haven’t been paying much attention to your hair care needs. Your hair needs its daily upkeep such as regular shampooing and conditioning, as well as other maintenance such as coloring and trimming. Graying roots, smelly scalps, and split ends are major turn-offs when they become evident in women’s hairs.

Full crown vs. Balding Spots

Balding spots in your scalp make you look older than you really are. If you are suffering from rapid hair loss, it may be a good idea to remedy it as soon as possible. Maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding damaging hair chemicals and evading the harsh rays of the sun are some of the best ways to prevent baldness.

Here are some steps you can follow to increase the volume of your hair:

  • Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.
  • When drying your hair, tilt your head down and dry your hair from the roots to the ends.
  • Use a volumizing hair spray or mousse.
  • Style your hair with a straightener or curling iron.


A perfectly coiffed do is almost always preferred over a messy tumble of unkempt hair. Neatly combed hair give people the impression that you are someone who cares about personal appearances and is meticulous about your personal hygiene. On the other hand, messy hair points out that you are a possible slob.

Currently, modern chemicals have been developed to help women nowadays cope with bad hair days. Revolutionary solutions for difficult hair are appearing by the day, making it easier for today’s woman to achieve a shiny and beautiful head of hair. With the perfect maintenance and the right cut, wonderful hair becomes easier to attain!

  • What can I do to make my hair look healthy?

    To make your hair look healthy, it’s important to regularly trim your hair, use the right hair products, and eat a healthy diet. Also, protecting your hair from excessive heat and gently brushing your hair is important.

  • What products should I use to make my hair look shiny?

    To make your hair look shiny, you might consider using a conditioner or serum that’s suitable for your hair type. You could also try natural oils like argan oil or jojoba oil to give your hair a natural shine.

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