How to use onion juice for hair fall issues

Onion used is cooking is very common but it’s not known to many that onion can be used for hair fall problem. Onion is very in sulphur and hence when onice juice applied on scalp improves the blood circulation and production of collagen tissues which are necessary for hair growth. The Sulphur in onion has antibacterial properties which prevents growth of any fungi and bacteria on the scalp hence helps in hair loss due to these infections.

How to use onion juice for hair fall issues
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Onion juice has several positive effects on hair:

  • It strengthens hair follicles.
  • It cleanses the scalp and may kill microbes.
  • It can improve blood circulation, which may stimulate hair growth.

Ways to use Onion juice for hair growth:

Onion Juice + Coconut oil

Take small 1 tsp of onion juice (measure depends on the hair length) and 1 tsp of coconut oil and mix well. Now apply this mixture on the scalp and hair and massage gently , then wrap up the hair in a towel and leave it for ½ hr. The onion juice and coconut oil mixture helps nourish the hair and reduce hair fall.

Taking care of hair healthRegularly wash your hair, moisturize the scalp and maintain a balanced diet.
Using lukewarm waterHot water can dry the scalp, so opt for lukewarm water.
Avoiding chemical treatmentsAvoid excessive coloring, straightening or perming procedures.
Managing stressStress can contribute to hair loss, so practice stress management techniques.
Table of methods to prevent hair loss

Onion + Yogurt

Take 1 tsp of onion paste and mix with 1 tsp of yogurt. Apply the mixture on the scalp and massage gently ,leave it for around 45 minutes and then rinse with regular shampoo.

There are also other combinations with which you can use onion juice like beer, run and lemon which can be tried.

  • Is onion juice really effective in preventing hair loss?

    Yes, onion juice is considered an effective natural remedy for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. It can strengthen hair follicles and nourish the scalp.

  • What are the potential side effects of using onion juice?

    It’s important to note that using onion juice may cause allergic reactions or irritation in some individuals. Before applying onion juice, it’s recommended to perform an allergy test. Additionally, keep it away from the eyes, as it can cause eye irritation.

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