Four Simple Tips On Caring For Dry Hair

Dry Hair. Sounds familiar? This is one of the most common beauty problems for many women. When the weather is too dry and hot or when your scalp lacks the needed stimulation to produce oil, hair follicles tend to dry up and frizz. Dry hair is also very difficult to style because it always looks unkempt.

Four Simple Tips On Caring For Dry Hair
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There are actually several treatment solutions you can have in your local salon. But if you are one of the many women who simply cannot spare money to go to the salon and have it treated, not to worry. Here are simple solutions to help you cure that seemingly impossible problem without spending too much.

Load up on water.

Yes, it could be that simple. Water could do miracles for our appearance. In fact, our bodies rely so much on water that 60% of our body weight is comprised of it. We lose water every moment of the day, when we sweat, urinate and even small water particles evaporate off from our skin when we are exposed to heat. When the liquid that was lost is not properly replenished, the dryness will show outside. The result: dry skin and dry hair. So drink up around 1.5 liters of water a day to make sure that you are moisturized from the inside out.

Use umbrellas

Bring out those umbrellas and make use of those hats in the closet. When the weather is too hot outside, always, always protect you hair by wearing a hat or bring along an umbrella. The sun’s rays could be very damaging to your locks, leaving them brittle and frizzy, so be very careful. This extra precaution could go a long way.

Brush Your Hair

Brush your hair the right way, before going to sleep. Brushing stimulates the production of oil in your scalp. It also distributes the oil from the bottom of your hair follicles to the tip making it look shinier. But with dry hair, the tricky part is that strands are very brittle and you could end up breaking each strand. So the trick is to remove the tangles at the tip first before brushing the entire length of your hair from root to tip. Hair is also very fragile when wet so do not comb it. Put it in place by simply running your fingers along the strands.

Choose your shampoo well.

Come to think of it, shampoos are just mere chemicals used to cleanse your hair and give it the added fragrance it needs. These chemicals could be very damaging to your locks. So change the criteria for buying your shampoos and conditioners. Find one that fits your hair type best. There are several kinds available in the market (for dry hair, normal hair and even color treated locks).

If the tips of your hair are already very, very dry, the best remedy would be to cut them off. Look on the bright side; a new hairdo won’t be that bad either.

Remember, dry hair can be avoided. Just give your locks the care that it deserves and it will definitely give you the look that you need.

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