Five Simple Remedies To Prevent Further Hair Loss

Losing hair is actually a normal process for our body (we lose up to a hundred strands a day). But when hair loss is excessive, that is where it becomes a problem – an embarrassing problem especially for any woman.

Five Simple Remedies To Prevent Further Hair Loss
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A girl’s long (or short) locks have always been considered as her crowning beauty. Before, hair loss was only related to aging alone. But nowadays, more and more young men and women are experiencing this problem – and are just too ashamed to admit it.

But as much as you want to hide this fact, the worst thing is, you simply can’t. When your hair thins out, people notice. And that is why, there are tendencies for us to over react and grab any shampoo that claims to be the magic pill for this growing problem. More often than not, these over priced “remedies” don’t usually work. So hold your horses and take time to read about this problem. What actually causes it? What are the real remedies? Read on to get the real deal on hair loss and some simple steps to lessen or avoid them completely.

What can I do to prevent hair loss?

  • Gently wash your hair and avoid overwashing.
  • Minimize the use of heat-styling tools like hair dryers and straighteners.
  • Maintain a balanced diet and ensure you get essential nutrients for hair health.
  • Manage stress and practice relaxation techniques.

Choose your shampoo well.

Shampoo with very harsh components may contribute to hair loss. Choose a gentle shampoo that won’t damage your scalp and hair follicles any further.

Use combs with wide teeth

Use combs with wide teeth – this will prevent brittle and tangled hair from being broken. Be very gentle in combing your hair especially when wet. Damp hair is extra fragile and could worsen your condition. For long hair, you can set it by just running your finger along the entire length.

Hair massage

Another reason for hair loss is the lack of adequate blood circulation to the scalp. The most common area for baldness is always at the top of the scalp since this is the area farthest from the heart and the least stimulated. When we sleep, the sides of our head are stimulated when we move but the top portion is not. An ideal habit would be to massage the top part for several minutes after bathing to promote blood circulation and strengthen the follicles in this area.


Being under nourished is also one of the reasons why hair loss occurs. So aside from maintaining a balanced diet, supplement yourself with vitamins. Vitamin A helps with the sebum or oil production in the scalp. Vitamin E and B also promote good blood circulation strengthening the hair follicles in the area.

FoodBenefits for Hair Health
EggsRich in protein and biotin, nourishing the hair.
SalmonContains omega-3 fatty acids that support hair health.
BeansContain biotin and protein, strengthening the hair.
SpinachRich in iron, folic acid, and vitamin C, promoting hair health.
Table of foods that improve hair health

Go herbal.

Try rubbing on garlic juice to the affected area. Garlic is said to help strengthen the hair follicles and promote good blood circulation.

Hair loss can also occur as an infection or as an effect of hormonal imbalance. If infection is the cause, them the best treatment for it would be to take an antibiotic medication (with a doctor’s prescription, of course). For cases of hormonal imbalance, this usually happens after pregnancy when estrogen levels rise disrupting the natural growth of hair. But as hormone levels start to normalize, the condition would disappear as well.

What types of hair products can help reduce hair loss?

Anti-hair loss shampoos and lotions.
Hair care products containing biotin or keratin.
Hair masks that revitalize the scalp and strengthen hair roots.

What natural remedies can I use to prevent hair loss?

Massaging your scalp with natural oils such as coconut oil or argan oil protects your hair health.

Aside from these natural cures, there are always other alternatives that you can turn to (hair transplantation, medications, etc.). But as they say, going natural is always the best way!

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