6 Salon Tips for Great-Looking Hair

Almost everyone will agree that great hair and a suitable hairstyle go a long way in enhancing your looks and personality. Great hair improves self-esteem at your workplace, with friends or when you are in the company of your intimate love interest. No one takes a chance with their hair these days, so it is important to cultivate a healthy, proactive relationship with your preferred hair

6 Salon Tips for Great-Looking Hair
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stylist at the mlon. You learn a lot as you go along but here are a few tips that can help you get the best-looking hairstyle.

Hair TypeRecommended Salon Treatments
Fine HairVoluminous cuts
Layering and volumizing treatments
Thick and Curly HairLightly thinned cuts
Straightening or relaxing procedures
Colored HairColor refresh and highlighting treatments
Color-preserving shampoos and care products
Dry and Damaged HairMoisturizing hair treatments
Hair masks and deep conditioning
Which salon treatments are suitable for your hair type?

Tip Your Stylist

To establish a mutually rewarding experience you must know how much to ti p your hair stylist. If you are visiting a salon for a haircut and styling the salon employee may not be paid more than 60% of the listed rate, but it could be as low as 35%. A 15% – 20% tip will definitely motivate your favourite stylist to attend to your hair with more interest and care.

If your stylist is an independent professional, you can rest assured that a smaller tip will suffice, since she will be pocketing the entire payment. If there are more attendants, you may consider tipping them separately. It is appropriate to ask the employees at the reception desk or over the phone about tipping when you schedule your appointment.

Choose The Right Hair Cut

A hair cut that looks natural and requires minimum maintenance is ideal. At the hair salon the stylist may have to spend close to an hour to give you that perfect look, but when you get home you may not have’the time or skills to do the same. Communicate what you want effectively so that both of you are on the same page as far as the style is concerned.

Another important aspect that both of you should agree on is the texture and type of hair that you are blessed with.

Your hair type combines with the shape of your face to determine the suitability of your hairstyle. For instance, if your hair is thin and naturally limp and your face is round, you may decide to perm your hair. This will take the attention away from your round face and give life and volume to your hair.

How often you get haircuts depends on how fast your hair grows. Generally, getting a haircut every 5-6 weeks is a good idea.

Understand Your Hair

To get the best results understand the nature of your hair and experiment with a variety of hair styles that are suited to your hair type. You only have to look around and you will see confused people experimenting with bizarre coloring and unflattering cuts.

An abrupt change to unsuitable hair styles shows their frustration because they don’t understand the nature of their hair. A professional hair stylist will help you to understand your hair, and what different styles you can try that will suit you best.

Use Products Correctly

There are plenty of hair care products available and it can be tempting to mix and match all of them when you are desperate for a unique hair style. Remember to go easy, for instance, on the amount of gel you apply on the hair. If a dab of gel the size of a dime is enough to create the softness and hold you want, do not apply great big dollops of it.

There are sprays mousse, gels conditioners and coloring dyes but a good shampoo and conditioner are the most important products to use. Remember that your hair should be dry before you apply any products

Here are some salon care treatments that can help your hair look healthier and more gorgeous:

  • Haircut and styling
  • Color applications
  • Hair care: Hair masks, moisturizing and deep conditioning treatments can improve hair health.

Resist the Urge to Over-Iron Your Hair

A lot of damaged hair is caused by improper use of a flat iron. People forget that hair should be completely dry before they use a flat iron – or any iron, for that matter. You also need to use a heat shield when using an iron of any kind on the hair.

A couple of quick passes from the scalp to the strands’ ends is enough, but when you overdo it the result is hair damage. Similarly, hair spray should be used sparingly. If you over-spray your hair it will become stiff, unwieldy and resemble a ghastly wig. The effect you want is a natural, thick and flowing mass of healthy looking hair.

Take Care of the Roots

Lots of people neglect their roots when they use the blow dryer. The root has to be blow~dried first, before drying the rest of the hair. The secret to obtaining volume is to apply your hair care products to the root first.

Whatever style and look you are seeking, a friendly and skilled hair stylist is a must. You may have to try out a few before you find the one who really understands your hair, your style, and the look that you are trying to achieve.

  • What salon treatments can help make my hair look healthier and great?

    Some salon treatments that can help make your hair look healthier and great include professional haircuts and styling, color treatments to update and rejuvenate your hair color and deep hair treatments such as hair masks to improve hair health.

  • How can I extend the time between haircuts?

    To extend the time between haircuts, keep your hair well-maintained, apply hair oil or serum to the ends regularly, and protect your hair from excessive heat.

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