Top Six Reasons Why We Buy Perfume

Today, more and more scents are available to us as their essences are captured and preserved in big and small vials and bottles. Why do we keep buying perfume? Why do we always have this urge to purchase this specific scent and that certain scent, and even attempt to maintain a definite scent?

Top Six Reasons Why We Buy Perfume
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Here, we give you the top reasons why.

  1. People usually associate events, happenings, happy memories, places and many other things to scents. Whenever they happen to sniff a specific aroma, the things that their brains have associated with that specific scent immediately comes to their minds. Scents have long been known to possess that specific power over people. This was blamed on our limbic system which supports functions that are related to memory, your behavior, and also your emotions. Because of this, a lot of people purchase perfumes with scents that remind them of certain events that they want to be reminded of.
  2. Most people want to appeal to the limbic systems of others by wearing perfumes that demand the attention and extract pleasure from others. This is why most perfumes available in the market are those that come in floral or fruity scents. This is because sniffing these kinds of scents makes one think of beautiful flowers, sweet fruits, and other pleasant things.
  3. Scents have also been known to create an atmosphere or mood according to the aroma it emits. People buy perfumes that elicit exciting and happy feelings whenever they happen to smell these scents. This principle is the very same reason why people often splurge on aromatic oils and candles. Certain types of scents create and set a wonderful mood, and many people spend just to reach their desired mood.
  4. Smelling good has always been associated with being clean. Smelling nice tells others that you are hygienic and clean. This is also why most detergents, house cleaners and other cleansing agents are scented with fresh and clean-smelling fragrances. They make rooms and amenities feel and appear cleaner.
  5. There are also those who wish to hide odor that may be present on their bodies. Spraying and dabbing on perfumes and colognes is one of the best methods known to hide one’s unpleasant odor. Likewise, people cringe at bad odor and resort to any way they can think of to remove foul smelling odor. This is why air fresheners, ionizers and household freshening sprays are quite marketable. They give people a chance to eliminate any foul odor within their smelling reach.
  6. There are also several known scents that are quite effective as aphrodisiacs. Those who wish to awaken a sensual mood in their respective partners may now skip the aphrodisiac foods and turn to perfumes for help.

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Perfumes and fragrances have found many uses in our lives and the ones listed above are just a few of those purposes that makes us aware that it really is quite useful to have a bottle of sweet, smelling essence stashed somewhere within reach. Fragrance is indeed enticing but this is one seductress we sure wouldn’t mind giving into.

  • What should I consider when buying perfume?

    When buying perfume, you should consider how the scent suits you, its longevity, your preferred fragrances, and season-appropriate choices.

  • What should I be mindful of when choosing perfume as a gift?

    When choosing perfume as a gift, consider the recipient’s personal preferences and which scents they like.

  • Why is selecting perfume according to the seasons important?

    Selecting perfume according to the seasons is important because it helps you choose scents that align with the temperature, humidity and the mood of each season.

  • How can I make my perfume last longer?

    To make your perfume last longer, pay attention to proper storage conditions and use a small amount sparingly.

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