Six Perfume Storage Tips

Like other consumables, perfumes also have shelf lives. As to how long you can continue using your perfume will depend on how well you stored it. Most people are not aware that there are certain storing tips that have to be followed when storing your perfume. These tips aim to help prolong the shelf life of your perfume as well as help you get the best out of it.

Six Perfume Storage Tips
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So here are some perfume storing tips:

  1. Store your perfume in room temperature. Place them in an area where there are no drastic changes in temperature. Keeping your perfume in places where extreme cold or heat can take place will certainly alter the balance of some chemical ingredients and it can result to some altered smell or fragrance.
  2. If you are using splash on perfume, keep it tightly closed. We all know that some perfumes contain some amount of alcohol that when exposed it can evaporate. When alcohol evaporates, the amount of liquid decreases. So to keep your splash on perfume from evaporating totally and leaving you empty handed, do not forget to close the lid or cap tightly before you store it.
  3. Your perfume’s enemies include oxygen, light, heat, dust and dirt. When your perfume gets in contact with one or two of these, it can result to an alteration of the smell character.

Remember that your perfume contains some chemical ingredients and these chemicals can react when exposed to either oxygen, heat, light, dust and dirt. To keep that from happening, always close the lid and place your perfume in a particular space where dust and dirt don’t accumulate.

Fragrance NoteStorage Conditions
Top notesShould be stored in a cool, dark place. They can quickly lose their scent if exposed to light and heat.
Middle notesShould be stored in a cool, dark place. They can slowly lose their scent if exposed to light and heat.
Base notesAre more resistant to light and heat, but it is recommended to store them in a cool, dark place.
Which fragrance notes are best suited for which storage conditions?
  1. It is also advisable that you keep your perfume in its original container including the box. Remember that your perfume can react to light so using the box will help protect it because the box can act as a shield. In addition to that, it is also advisable to store your perfume in a dark drawer or closet where light cannot easily penetrate through.
  2. Refrigerating your perfume is not necessary; in fact, it is not at all advisable. Extreme cold can result to some chemical reaction in your perfume that can result to a change in smell. In addition, the cold can also damage the atomizer’s mechanism which can ultimately destroy it.
  3. You may be collecting some perfumes but avoid displaying them in the hallway or in other areas of the house especially in places where there is direct sunlight. Like heat and cold, direct exposure to sunlight can also alter your perfume’s chemical composition and it might not be able to give out the fragrance it is suppose to produce. Even though your perfumes are part of your collection, it would help if you store them in dark areas or places and only take them out when you have friends who are interested to see them.

Perfumes do not spoil; in fact, these have a rather long shelf life of around five to six years granting that these are stored accordingly.

  • How should I apply perfume for the best results?

    Apply perfume to your wrists, the back of your neck and inside your elbows for the best results. These areas enhance the fragrance’s distribution due to body warmth.

  • What is the shelf life of perfume and why is it important?

    Perfume shelf life indicates how long the perfume remains usable. Checking the shelf life helps determine if the perfume is still effective and if its scent has been altered.

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