Five Reasons Why People Bathe

Bathing is something every person does. Even animals bathe from time to time. But why do people bathe? What could make people take off all of their clothes and jump into a steaming Jacuzzi or get under a cold shower? Well, here are some of the general reasons why people bare it all and bathe.

Five Reasons Why People Bathe
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Stay Clean

People usually bathe to stay clean. It is still the best way for a person to get all the dirt off their bodies by lathering up some soap and putting shampoo on their hair. People also know that if they bathe regularly, they keep themselves free from certain sicknesses or diseases. This means that if a person wants to look like they’ve been rolling around the mud or working under the hood of a car, then bathing is not for them.


A lot of people bathe to detoxify themselves from certain things they are constantly exposed to. This is true for medical workers who work in hospitals or clinics. This is because they are exposed to different kinds of sicknesses which need to be washed off.

Also, some of the medical workers are exposed to chemicals or machines that have radioactive parts. This means that they have to constantly bathe to get these dangerous things off them. Not only that, but since they work in hospitals or locations which provide medical attention to people, they have to be constantly clean which makes bathing for them very essential.


A lot of people bathe because it helps them recover from sicknesses. Yes, bathing is used as a tool, such as therapy, to help people overcome sickness. It is also used as a tool to help people relax, like with the case of a Jacuzzi.

A Jacuzzi streams out water and a person can focus certain parts of their body on those streams which will have almost the same effect as having a massage. This is good for people who have shoulder pains or pains in other areas of their body. This means bathing isn’t just something a person does on a daily basis but also helps in terms of medicine.

Stress Reliever

When a person is over stressed with work or some personal problem, they usually bathe. This is because they just have to kick back and relax in their bath tub or cool down under the shower. This is very true for the busy business man who is swamped with paper work at the office the whole day. When he gets home, he usually takes long hot or cold shower or a cozy bubble bath to relax himself and ease the stress.


In certain parts of the world, people bathe as a celebration or to simply get to know one another. In Japan, a lot of people go to public baths where people gather to bathe in one large area. Here, they get to talk to friends while they bathe.

This is also true in a house. When a couple bathes, they would usually talk about their day at work or their plans for the future. This means that bathing is also used as a means for people to socialize.

These are just some of the reasons why people bathe.

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