Makeup Looks for Wedding Guests – Don’t Be That Girl

So here it is: The Wedding Season, when you receive humorous number of wedding invitations from your friends and family, and the freak-out starts: what you should wear to all the weddings, what should you give them as wedding gifts and more importantly what makeup look is appropriate and trendy. Having all that in mind, you do not want to be the guest who takes it just a little too far in the wedding. You want to be appropriate, be trendy but definitely not over shine the bride. Then this is definitely your time when the current most trendy makeup look is all about natural looking, focusing on translucent skin, natural eyebrows and the soft lips.

Makeup Looks for Wedding Guests – Don’t Be That Girl
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Focus on Your Skin

It is the story of every wedding that every girl has to remind herself that “the wedding is about the bride, not you!” That translates into keeping your look soft, simple and subdued.
To enhance your features without overdoing it, focus on your skin, avoid applying thick makeup and layers. BB creams or cushions are perfect for wedding with the right balance of coverage, softness and glowing.

Keep Eyes Simple

Subtle eye makeup is all on this season. Translucent skin is most appropriately complemented by natural eye make-ups. We suggest enhancing your brows using eyebrow mascara to keep them in place, preferably in brown or transparent colors for the most natural looking. Go simple with eye shadow as a light shimmery layer of cream shadow from lash line to brow and blending of soft brown and greyish colors on the lid into the crease. Finally, curl your lashes and apply your best black mascara.

Things to consider in wedding makeup:

  • Ensuring your makeup aligns with the style and theme of the wedding, as well as the preferences of the bride and groom.
  • Choosing products that match your skin tone and type.
  • Avoiding overly dramatic makeup and aiming for a natural and elegant look.
  • Using makeup primer and setting spray to make your makeup long-lasting.

Soft Lip and Creamy Blush

As long as it is all about natural makeup look, we prefer you to put down your red lipstick, and complete your look by your favorite tone of neutral colors which almost matches your lip tone. However, it is a wedding and you want to be standout just a little bit, then bolder color lipstick like red or coral can get you the subtle shine that you want. Go with your instinct!

For blush, you should consider creamy textured or the multi-purpose products which can be used as a lipstick or blush, and are famous for magic glowing cheeks.

  • How can I touch up my makeup?

    To touch up your makeup, carry a few essential products with you. These may include powder, lip color, eyeliner, or mascara.

  • Which makeup products look good in wedding photos?

    For a better appearance in wedding photos, consider using matte foundation, shimmery eyeshadows, voluminous lashes and lipsticks or lip glosses that define your lips.

  • How can I do makeup as a wedding guest?

    When doing makeup as a wedding guest, opt for a natural and elegant look.

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