How to Look Younger Without Surgery at 40 Years Old? [Best Tips]

National monuments may stand in stone, but visible signs of aging are not. Even those who are 40 years old can reverse the effects of aging by addressing the visible signs of time.

How to Look Younger Without Surgery
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It works in the same way as exercising, you might not have done it before but if you start today you will still get results. The things to make you look younger when you are 40 will include:National monuments may be set in stone but not visible signs of aging. People who are 40 years old can also turn back the clock on their skin by undoing the damaging signs of ageing. It works in the same way as exercising, you might not have done it before but if you start today you will still get results. The things to make you look younger when you are 40 will include:

  • Make-up tips
  • Skin care tips
  • Fashion tips
  • Diet tips

Tips on How to Look Younger Without Surgery at 40

The following are some insightful tips on how to look younger when you are 40 years old:


Go and get your teeth whitened as yellow teeth are a strong indication of ageing. Teeth naturally darken with age. At the age of 40, effects of smoking and coffee will be quite visible on the teeth. Bleaching treatments performed at the office of the dentist can provide an immediate improvement for serious cases. Alternatively, one can purchase special gels and toothpastes to use in the comfort of your home.


It is important to control your body weight if you want to look good after 40. After the age of 30, there is a significant decrease in the metabolism rate. This means that you should increase your exercise intensity, or you will gain a lot of weight.


You should aim to dress young, but this has its limits. This means that you should avoid flashy fabrics, too-short skirts and see-through tops for the ladies. Putting on such kind of clothing may show your effort in bad taste and reveal your actual age. However, you should also avoid baggy clothing that suggest that you have something to hide. There are numerous fashion magazines that provide people who are 40 years and above with practical tips on how to dress youthfully while keeping it classy.


It is no secret that breasts sag with age and that is why it is good to go for a professional bra fitting. This will allow you to purchase something that fits very well. The right bra has a positive effect of taking a few years off your actual age.


Select a hair color that compliments the tone of your skin and maintain the same. After the age of 40, the hair tends to adopt a grey color. Dyeing it black translates to frequent visits to your hair salon to have the roots covered. On the other hand, highlighted hair is effective but attracts a high maintenance.


Treat your ageing skin. It is common for deep lies to commence appearing at the late-thirties. However, the age 40 also comes with other skin problems i.e. dryer skin and skin discoloration. Consult your doctor concerning prescription creams to manage rough skin, lines and dark spots. In addition, wear sunscreen to avoid further skin damage.

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It is advisable to switch to makeup that is lighter. This is because heavy powder and foundation can sink into lines and wrinkles on the face hence giving you an old look. Instead, go for a lighter lip color and softer eye shadow that will minimize attention to problematic areas and hide imperfections. Ensure you properly moisturize the skin prior to the application of base color. This hydrates the skin and hides wrinkles.


Stress promotes formation of wrinkles. Regular massages at a spa of choice will help you to relax and relieve some tension. Such relaxing massages will make you look and feel younger.


A low protein intake results in nails, skin and hair that look dull. The secret to looking radiant and youthful lies in consuming a balanced diet of veggies, fruits, lean proteins, grains and healthy fats. Lack of these will affect your looks particularly your hair that is made up of protein.


Sleep deprivation can take a huge toll on a person’s appearance. People who sleep for few hours have additional signs of ageing than those who do not. In addition, sleep deprivation also affects the ability of the skin to properly recover after exposure to the sun.

Green tea and water

This promotes good blood circulation and makes the skin feel supple for a younger look. Microdermabrasion facials can be incorporated to the skin regime to keep wrinkles at bay.

Night cream

At the age of 40, collagen fibers of the skin stiffen and eventually break part. This results in furrows and crevices in the skin popularly known as wrinkles and lines. Use a nourishing night cream with natural AHAs, jojoba oil and rose oil as its main ingredients. These help in clearing the layers of dead cells for a youthful skin and appearance.


It is very difficult to get all the nutrients and vitamins that you require in just the diet. This means that multivitamins are good for your health and looks. These are guaranteed to give you that youthful look that you desire after 40.


Meditation just like laughing is a good way to relieve stress. This means setting aside some quality time to calm down the nerves. This prevents premature aging and will make you look younger than you actually are.


Laughter is considered to be an ideal way of relieving some stress. It helps in managing tension that is a contributing factor to premature aging. This means that you should try to laugh often if you desire that youthful look after 40 years of age.

The list above is not exhaustive as there are many more ways to look younger when you are 40 years old.


People who have attained the golden age 40 years always start noticing some undesirable changes in their look. However, developing new eating and skin care rituals are necessary to retain a young look. As the body and skin age, change the manner by which you take care of your body and try to style up using the tips above so that you look a decade younger.

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