Homemade Beauty Tips from Coconut Oil

Using of coconut for beauty treatment is getting so popular, a growing body of research, countless experts and beauty bloggers swear by coconut oil for just about everything.

Homemade Beauty Tips from Coconut Oil
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Indeed, coconut oil is a staple in numerous natural beauty products and countless DIY beauty treatments, all thanks to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, exceptional moisturizing abilities, and its delightful fragrance. Is there anything more indulgent than coconut oil?
We can hardly think of anything, but we can think of those homemade beauty tips from coconut oil that can help you to stop spending a fortune.

Hand CareFace CareHair Care
Moisturizes dry, chapped hands.Moisturizes and nourishes skin.Nourishes and moisturizes hair.
Heals cuts and scrapes on hands.Soothes skin.Helps hair grow faster.
Reduces blemishes on hands.Treats acne and pimples.Makes hair look shinier.
Delays the signs of aging on hands.Reduces blemishes on skin.Makes hair softer and easier to style.
Coconut Oil Benefits for Hand, Face and Hair Care

Coconut Oil as an Excellent Hand Cream

Keep a jar of organic extra virgin coconut oil next to your kitchen sink, after washing your hands or that huge piles of dishes, apply a layer of coconut oil to keep your hands soft and moist. You can even have fun when cooking with coconut oil, it’s a better substitute for better in your cooking, and don’t forget to give a little extra to your loving hands.

  • Wash and dry your hands.
  • Apply coconut oil to your hands and massage it in.
  • Wait for about 5 minutes, then wash your hands.

Saving on Your Cheekbone Highlighter, Using Coconut Oil

Cheekbone highlighter can do magic to your tired face, but you can save a fortune when stop buying store-bought highlighter, which is normally expensive, and use coconut oil instead, just a small amount on top of your makeup and there you go, glowier skin by just a sweep.

Think Saving Cream, Think Coconut Oil

Avoiding all the chemicals on your conventional shaving cream, get your homemade beauty friendly coconut oil do the job. You can simply smooth the stuff on your legs and underarms to start your shaving session. What more can you ask for in natural saving cream with antibacterial property and divine smell? Oh yes, and it keeps your legs hydrated.

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Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Oil can really works on waterproof mascara! Have a little of organic extra virgin coconut oil on a cotton ball and gently sweep over your eyes. The oil-on-oil does really easy break down waxy, stubborn waterproof eye makeup, and leave that delicate parts of your face hydrated. Some people even share that their eye lashes become longer and thicker with regular use of coconut oil.

Want to Get a Luscious Body Scrub? Never Forget Coconut Oil

Here is your homemade beauty secret: ½ cup of melting coconut oil at a very low heat, add 1 cup of brown sugar and stir well. If you, by accident, have your favorite essential oil, add it to the mix to get a scrub that can beat any available body scrub u can lay your hand on on the store.

  • What skin types is coconut oil suitable for in beauty care?

    Coconut oil is generally suitable for all skin types, but it’s especially recommended as a great moisturizer for dry skin. Those with oily skin should use it more sparingly, as excessive use may increase oiliness.

  • How can coconut oil be used for hair care?

    Coconut oil can be used as a deep-penetrating moisturizer for hair. You can apply it by massaging it into the hair ends or the scalp.

  • How is coconut oil used in skincare?

    Coconut oil can be used in skincare as a natural moisturizer. You can apply it through massage onto the skin or use it directly.

  • How often should coconut oil be used?

    The frequency of coconut oil usage depends on personal preferences and the specific needs of your skin or hair. It can be used a few times a week or even daily. Adjust the frequency according to your hair and skin condition.

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